Throwback Thursday…


Q and A in Belovedhood

…but among you stands One whom you do not know. It is He who comes after me…

-John 1:27

Q: Who is the “One” who comes after me?  

A: The innermost Divine self is the “coming attraction” self…the spiritually situated above “per-SON-a” that we have forgotten about… and therefore, no longer know…as our true self.

He who comes after me” refers to this Blessed being…the infinite @Divinenamehere self.  This once covered and tied up identity is the sturdy Sacred soul self that we find left standing in the forefront of our consciousness after we hang up our attachment to the temporary @namehere self.


The omnipresent Divine Beloved steps into our awareness after we chuck the currently trending fad of the flesh self”

A Drop Is All It Takes…


“Know that I AM your inner sacred substance…God’s Divine decoction who sustains the Tree of all LIFE.

Know that I AM your stock of eternal youth…God’s bubbling breath who replenishes all the flesh fountains of the world”

– the Beloved Self

“Reconciliation of the world will happen when the physical self restores and resolves itself…as oneself…with the Divine Self” – u2rbeloved

When we view the physical-only self as separate and independent from the inner spiritual-self…our worldly perception of suffering and death will continue to exist.

However, when the bond is made between our temporary persona and our timeless being… aka the innermost Beloved…distress and destruction cannot be…For those things are not a part of our inherent Divine nature… as the One Begotten of God…that we truly are.

“The inner Sacred self is the core self…the shared “swag-self”…the single-serving of animating “LIFE-for-all-self”… the universal “I AM image” that exists behind the gaze…of our individual molds and unique forms self”


Restoration, harmony and balance will come into view when we become mindful of our true spiritual heritage as the concealed and deep-seated Beloved.

“When the world understands this, we will find ourselves rushing to glorify the gathered together “I AM-dentity”…that IS the other… rather than inflicting an ounce of harm on one another”


Buzzword: Sabbath…


In Belovedhood, the idea of Sabbath is when the worldly “me-dentity” stands back or stands off to the side of the Heavenly “I AM-dentity”

Sabbath: from Latin sabbatum. Definition: to rest.

Rest: from Latin restare. Definition: remain, from re-back + stare to stand = to stand back

“When your outer “name” persona becomes the chillaxing self…the inner Beloved breath persona … the name above all names…becomes the front and center-stage self”


Unwind…in theory…from your Earthly-image… and instead…curl up next to your infinite and Heavenly-likeness”

You, as the Divine Beloved, are the inhale and exhale of LIFE-self…who, for all generations, stretches itself out to be the upstanding and sustaining self. Let us rely on this deep-seated and boundless Begotten-of-God being to be our comfort…to be our support.

Rest your image-of-man appearance and pick up the image-of-God air”


“Go ahead physical persona…take a Sabbath…take a breather…take a “self-cation”… for the inner Beloved LIFE-substance self is in the labor-hood”

Happy Friday Beloved!

Water on Mars? Big news. Walk-on-water Self… Big miracle.

“Water (unseen) is the air…that your (unseen) Breath-of-God self…walks upon”

– u2rbeloved


“In the heightened atmosphere of Belovedhood, there exists a Sacred and translucent sea. One that saturates the Earth with God’s gleaming goodness… and floods the world with God’s sheer and sustaining breath…aka the Divine Beloved”

Water: def: a colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

This singular substance of liquid moisture can be found all around us—in the sky and on the ground—it is continually changing form…much like the innermost Beloved self, the Yahweh self (the inhale and exhale of the Divine) who fills a host of forms within humanity.

In Belovedhood…water= vapor=air=breath=life…LIFE personified=the Divine Beloved.

By your nature, as the Divine Beloved, you are the flowing vapor-like self… the One who wanders wave-like atop the moisture-in-the-air self…the “walk on water” self. 

“Becoming the Beloved is submerging into the Sacred sweeping LIFE-me… who’s feet travel upon the Divine-air Sea”


“You, as the inner Beloved Breath of God, are the essence self…the light-as-a-cloud, mist-like self…who’s main mode of transportation is upon God’s animating atmosphere of inspiration”

Atmosphere: def: Greek atmos: vapor, steam + spharia sphere…to inspire: defto fill…the mind, heart, etc., with grace. Latin inspirare: inflame; blow into, animate…with an idea or purpose.

“Reach for the outstretched hand of this Heavenly fluid soul. This inner Beloved being invites us into knowing our true heightened identity…the Divine within…who’s mindset lives above the “rough and tumble-ness” of the world”

In Good Company

“The inner Divine Beloved is the spiritual and ethereal “me”…the sovereign ID…of the supernatural and sacred Breath-of-LIFE sea”

All of mankind will forever swim in the stirring ocean of God’s inspiring breath…

it’s what we do.

“The hidden heart of the Divine Beloved… is the nucleus of my Adam/atom-like being” – u2rbeloved


How is the inner Beloved like a nucleus? They both are the central and most important part of an object. They both are the positively charged core of an atom/Adam/man.

A person holding a Red Apple with engraved heart

Nucleus: core, center, pivot, crux
Crux: “cross”, heart, essence, kernel
Kernel: substance, quintessence
Quintessence: soul, nature, spirit

The center/crux selfis the cross/heart self… that is the substance/soul self…that is the Divine Beloved self.

So...Nucleus=crux=kernel=quintessence=Beloved self


Here in Belovedhood, God’s hidden gems of truth, love and goodness are revealed by tracing His sacred words back to their original source and ancient meaning.

We can gain insight and the inner “how-tos” by following the pathway, the trail, the illuminated stepping stones of God’s text.

Approach God’s words of goodness from the perspective of the inner Sacred self. This celestial core/crux self knows how to interpret Heavens helpful hints.

As you try this technique on your own… you will soon notice an “awe-mazing” pattern develop. Pay attention to key words like: upright/lie down, put on/take off, go to/turn from, day/night, awake/asleep, my name/ your name, etc…all referring to the spiritual identity in relationship to the physical identity.

In simplified terms… sacred text points to the twist, the turn, the role reversal, the shift in how we are to perceive ourselves. We have forgotten our true “identity” as the Beloved. Our purpose is to win back the glory for that true self.


“See the spiritual self over the physical self…see our many faces as the one Divine face…see all of humanity as the One Blessed being who is LIFE” 

As you know, by worldly interpretation, some sacred text will sound ominous… but you Beloved, do not judge by worldly standards…you know God created all things good…which includes His words…each and every one of them. Follow the way of the word, it’s meandering meaning, until you reach it’s original goodness…this is key.acorns-green-hands-heart-mood-hd-wallpaper

Let us use the words “take up your cross” as an exampleYes, there is a “good news” version of them. 

Take up means to gather, to elevate, to acquire…and cross, as mentioned earlier, means essence/central point …so to take up your cross, in Belovedhood, is a reminder for us to raise up, in our awareness, the cross self…the crux self, the spiritual core self…the heart and nucleus self…the inner Beloved self.

The cross now takes on a new “identity”…it’s image transforms from being a burden that is physical to becoming the being that is the Beloved. It takes off the symbol of the suffering self and puts on the symbol of the true inner self…the indivisible God created offspring self.

“In Belovedhood, the cross (crux/heart/kernel) is not a thing…it is a being…who is the inner Divine self.  Just like Life, in Belovedhood, is not a thing…it too is a being… who’s name is the Beloved”

Follow the words of God that he sprawled out in front of you…they are your signposts. Seek out the good, propitious and positively charged meaning behind them and they will lead to God’s ultimate destination for you…the self-discovery that you are the Divine Beloved…the intended recipient of all of God’s goodness.

African woman with hands crossed over heart

“As the Divine Beloved self…I AM the core self… I AM the “cross” self…I AM the quintessential self… I AM the spiritual substance self”

TGIF. You truly are the Beloved… “cross” my “heart”




$T2eC16ZHJHYE9nzpeb1OBQjCEdIfNQ~~60_35Dear Beloved,

I know that sometimes you feel lost…but in a way you should also feel found. By loosening your identification to your worldly persona you have discovered your inner Sacred true persona. By symbolically dimming your Earthly name-self you have brightened the name of the inner Divine self.

“The outer character is temporary…but you, Beloved, are the distinguished spiritual substance within all…that is everlasting”

  You, as the Divine Beloved, are the current-of-LIFE self that flows where it may, hoping to be the token-of-truth self that is recognized and embraced within each and every heart. This is not a rare occurrence…for it happens all the time.tumblr_mipixwIaUI1rh7bnzo1_500_large

“The self discovery of your Divine nature is your destiny”

After knowing this, how can one believe that they have not fulfilled much in this life? In reality you have fulfilled My ultimate hope. By restoring your truth, the awakening (the lifting up in awareness from the Earth self) to the Beloved within as the true self, you have successfully drawn the fleeting “me-self” to your evermore “I AM” self…which is the perfect fulfillment of your duty as the One Begotten of Heaven.

“Never feel defeated again. Never feel undervalued, never feel unworthy or unsuccessful, those feelings are of the world”


When you awoke from the physical only self to the Divine Beloved self, all the angels of Heaven bowed down in your honor. When you arose to your inner Sacred self, I, your God, your Father, the Creator of all and everything placed a wreath of victory on your head. As the Beloved within, you wear it now and will always wear it as a mark…a symbol…a sign of my glory. Hold your head up high for you have won the greatest prize and You, Beloved are My pride and My joy

…you are My Divine life that is portioned out to be the animating LIFE within all life.

Know that you, by your Divine descent are privileged to knowing My love and My truth. If angels could be jealous they would be…for you, Beloved have returned to the most high and most triumphant place…even if you find your day is spent in the least desired position on Earth…do not be discouraged

…for you Beloved exist forever in the arms and in the embrace of the I AM.


“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.” – John 12:32


“I AM the light of the world”…and “My burden is light

– Jesus


Dear Beloved,

You, as the Blessed Breath Self, are the “en-light-ened” I AM Self…the Heavenly Self that exists in the world as the light-as-a-feather and wispy-as-a-dandelion…Divine inhale and exhale Self.

And you, as the Beloved, are the GOOD and “light-weight burden” that we carry within… our true lighter-than-air Sacred Self who is the infinite and omnipresent…light of all LIFE… I AM Self.

Like a little prayer…I want to take you there


Dear Beloved Self,

I know where I want to be. I just need to find out how to get there. Is it real? Is it possible? Can I dream a new reality where I meet my true Divine Self and learn to live as One?

For that is what I want…to live raised up… as the higher Sacred Self.

I am longing for more… more of you…Beloved self.  Hold me up, lift me up, raise me as high as I can go.

The soul has no limit on its own.tumblr_muroyoSoRE1shhx34o1_5001

Dear Beloved Self,

Release any weight that holds me down. Release all that I carry so I can stay tuned in every minute of every day to the Divine’s heightened purpose… where LOVE is born, renewed and replenished.


“I AM” the one who sits by God’s side…watching Him write the sacred words that “I AM” to fulfill within you”  – Love, the Beloved Self


When you step into Belovedhood…leave your worldly persona at the door.

“Take off the apparel of appearances and wrap yourself in the sacredness of the Beloved Self”

Listen Up…

statue-of-woman-with-hand-to-ear “Truth of the Divine cannot be held captive for very long. It’s very nature is to radiate…it’s desire to reveal must be quenched”

Now I understand why the Divine speaks to us in parables. Now I understand why artists paint, singers sing and poets write.  Through them the innermost Beloved shouts out hidden truths…for all…who’s hearts, bodies and minds are tuned in…ready to conceive them.1-heart-and-cupid-on-paper-texture-seisiri-silapasuwanchai

“Truth of the Divine will forever be an uncomfortable inner prisoner…until it is set free to roam and linger” – u2rbeloved

In the past…many have tried to speak of Divine things… they have tried to reveal and update our understanding of Sacred truths…truths that have remained to us a mystery for quite some time.

Even though spiritual truths have been kept secret “from the foundation of the world”… they continue to exist in our very midst…they will continue to pass in us and pour over us…until the day comes when we are ready to grasp them. il_570xN.573732415_3ak5 So until then…artists paint, poets write, singers sing and prophets speak…sometimes in hidden ways… so Divine truth is out there…ready and waiting… for those who use the “new” ears of the inner Beloved to listen…the “new” eyes of the Sacred Self to see… and the “new” heart, a semblance of the Divine, to be made full.

il_fullxfull.525470862_osjyHappy Friday Love!              

#Sacred Shoutout…


Rumi once said…”You are not a drop in the ocean…you are the entire ocean in a drop”

Perhaps the “you” that he is referring to… so long ago… is the Beloved within.

Living water is a beautiful image used to describe the Divine…aka the Sacred Breath Self…the way “It” flows from the “mouth” of the God Sea…winding throughout the ages…filling and nourishing every branching capillary and depleted vein that runs down the center of humanity… dropping into every man’s lung-like pond.

“Water is necessary to sustain a man’s life…and the LIFE that IS the inner Divine Self, is necessary to sustain mankind.


Beloved “U”niversity….


Beloved-ness 101

The hardest part of embracing the identity of the Divine Beloved, as the true inner self, will be going against the sights, the sounds and the false beliefs of the world.

Those non-good beliefs of the world…that are not aligned with God’s truth and direction… make life more difficult for us than it needs to be.

Wrap yourself in God’s ways … hold on to God’s ancient advice and you will become strong. Bind yourself to Divine truth and your new found strength will surprise you.

Straight out God tells us how to live so we can avoid the pitfalls of the world…unfortunately we don’t always listen…or believe. Instead we think we know what is true…and find that we unknowingly place our mindset higher than the One who created everything.

By placing trust in our human-only thoughts and beliefs, over those of the One who fashioned us, we symbolically make ourselves into “molten gods” 


When we worship our worldly perceptions and our labels… in the way things should be and how they should work… over what God imagined…we “idolize” ourselves and place ourselves on an invisible pedestal.

Let us ask…who among us is smarter than God?

“Let us remind ourselves that a loving God cannot be a liar…. for He created all things good … He knows all the workings and the secrets of the universe”


Rethink and question everything that you see and hear in your world. Does it meet the standards of your new Sacred Self?

If not then it should not be allowed to take up residence within your being. All things that do not match God’s loving nature are not true to the nature of the inner Divine Beloved self.

Try to place trust in the Divine mindset over your human mindset… this is key in connecting with the true eternal Self

You can begin to live from this heightened Heavenly identity by lowering the significance of the physical identity. By doing so…you side with God…you live according to the upstanding and loving God nature and God laws.

105076-Swinging-Over-ParisBy being the Beloved…The “ways” of the world are no longer your “ways”…and you now live a life in-spirit or a life inspired.

Welcome to the “End” of A Time…

Here you stand, Beloved Self and physical self…hands grasped together, face to face. The time has come where there is no longer judgment of one being higher and one being lower… for both the human self and the Divine Self are honored.

“Grow into oneness, right-handedness…a walking togetherness

See the Divine Beloved Self as a partner, a love, a sibling. It is a time of union… of sharing… of sameness.

“No longer see yourself as one who is looking up and one who is looking down. No longer see yourself as one looking in and one looking out. No longer is one blind and one given Heavenly sight…no longer is one deaf and one possessing ears to hear God”


Substance mixed with Spirit are what the physical self and the Beloved Self have in common. That is your bond, that is what unites you. You, are like twins who have a thin veil of seperation. But now is “the time” to see eye to eye. You can, if willing,  live in union, never to be divided again.

“Reach for the hand of the inner I AM…for I AM by your side and you will be by mine… always.

Remember this…I AM the one life of all of mankind”


You, as the inner Beloved, are the Divine personified and are patterned after the “endless” nature of the Father…the infinite fountain of LIFE…or the Creator… and you, as the physical self, are patterned from the Mother…or the personification of the ceasing and renewing cycle of substance in the natural world.

“You become whole and fulfilled when the distinctive characteristics of your physical being and spiritual being are united as one”

Welcome to the “end” of who you think you are…and yay to the beginning of getting to know who you truly are…the One Beloved.



Dear Beloved,

When you enter into My love…you follow in the paths of the prophets and the mystics.

“Share My love, share My living truth, share what you know of My real existence”

Bring My love, My light and My joy to your world. Don’t dwell on the why’s of the negatives that exist around you. I have given you the candle of My love. Hold this glowing flame of truth before you. It is stronger than any sorrow.

“Dwell in and on My love”

Share what you know of this love. Believe that this is your gift, do this for me. Believe that this is the purpose of your Divine Self… dismiss doubt and confusion.

“As the Beloved, be a creator of My love, be a teacher of My love, expand My love in your surroundings. Those that recognize My voice will rejoice”

Go in light…darkness no more.  My love desires to be expressed through you. It can no longer be contained. With Me in your heart…untie My great love.love_with_a_bright_red_heart_chalkboard_photoenlargement-rbbfda80f4aaf40af97b35419778599eb_i8rug_8byvr_512

“You, Beloved One, know first hand the depth of My love…go and in your unique way…reveal My truth”



You Matter…

Once upon a time, a girl from the land of Matter… and a boy from the land of the Divine…fell madly in love, married and birthed you…inner Beloved.

i love you 2 (1)

“You, as the Sacred Self within, are the fruit of Heaven and Earth’s love story”

– u2rbeloved


Matter: a physical substance that occupies space. Distinct from mind/spirit/energy. Derived from Latin word “materia”

 so Matter=Materia/Material 


Materia:  timber, substance. Derived from Latin word “mater”

so Matter=Materia/Material=Mater 
word-to-your-mother-posterMater:  origin, source, house. Derived from Latin word meaning “Mother”


…so in Belovedhood…Matter=Mother

The words..Honor your “father” and “mother”… are to remind us to appreciate the mystery, the wonder and awe, behind our Heavenly formation… as the Divine Beloved within… and our Earthly formation as the physical Self.


Honor the “Mother/Mater” means to treasure the complex knitting together of matter/organic material, that created the physical nature of your being…and at the same time don’t forget to honor the “Father/Pater”… the origin of our Divine nature…the likeness/image/pattern/example from which the Beloved Self is fashioned.

You, Blessed One, are patterned after the formless nature of the Creator/Father (pater/patron/pattern)…that is housed within the shaped substance of matter (mater/Mother)

This is the meaning of…”and the two (physical self and Divine self) shall become one”Holding-Hands-39Father: derived from Latin “pater” Pater: Father. Derived from Latin “patronus”. Patron/pattern derived from “pater”… father, defender, protector, something serving as a model.



So…in the land of Belovedhood…Father=Patternand you Beloved, are to follow in the pattern/image/likeness of the Father…which is to“be” love.


…happy Father’s Day weekend!

I’ve got the eye of the Beloved…you’re gonna hear me roar!

You, as the Beloved Self, cannot fear anything of this world…for “nothing” of this world truly holds power over you.

Unknown-19What is perceived as a “non-good” thing in our eyes… is perceived as a “no-thing” in the eyes of the  Beloved.

The Divine Self within cannot house anything but goodness…otherwise the Beloved would become a house divided against it’s own self. We become a house divided against ourselves when we go against our inner Beloved-ness.

 Live fully aware that your true self is the Divine Beloved…that “born-of -God Self” overcomes every obstacle…and every trouble.


Fiercely fight the temptation to buy into the fears and nightmares of world. Even in times of darkness try to live from your inner truth…your inner Light Self…which is all goodness.


“For fear contradicts the loving nature of God…who is pure goodness…and can only create good things” 

– u2rbeloved


Turn your voice inward and whisper into the ear of the Divine Beloved Self. Tell this eternal true Self that you believe “It” is who “It” says “It” is… and that “It” is the One ready to deliver all the goodness that God says “It” can and will do – u2rbeloved


What Moves You?….


Dear Beloved,

You are the unwavering walking messenger and moving vessel of God’s Divine love.

“The hand of the “I AM” has touched your soul. With a burning heart… His love will incite you”



“All of humanity have faced the same dilemma…unknowingly abandoning the true inner Sacred Self…only in the hopes of rediscovering it” – u2rbeloved


Dear Beloved Self,

Do you ever grow tired of having to rouse awake generation after generation of forgetful and sleeping selves ? Do you ever grow weary of having to convince humanity over and over again of who they really are…which is You?

We attach to and believe that we are who the world tells us we are…and in doing so…we end up living half of our identity and half of our story.

We seek for something greater than our physical self. Our minds long to grow brighter and our hearts desire to climb higher. Not knowing all along that we already carry that which we seek… the immortal and Divine Breath of our true awakened and enlightened self. 


Beloved “U”niversity…


Beloved-ness 101

All the evil and scary things that are written in sacred text are not really evil and scary…when interpreted by the Divine Beloved You.

“You, innermost Beloved Self, are the One and only Self, that speaks, understands and interprets the language of God”

In order to uncover the hidden messages within sacred text, the messages that teach us about the inner Divine soul-self, we must first learn to read them… not in “our” spirit (our human and limited insight) but to read them “in-the-spirit” of the Sacred…aka the unlimited Divine consciousness…from which they were written.

“In-the-spirit” is the “native tongue” of the Divine Beloved Self…but to our flesh self…”In-the-spirit” is like a  foreign language…one that our physical self has not yet learned or just hasn’t used in a while.

To ever truly understand sacred text…one must rely on the inner “counterpart spirit” of the Begotten Self to translate.


“Turn to the the inner Beloved….that Self lives, breathes and freely shines light on the dialect of the Divine”

Sacred text is the story of you, as the Beloved…and how that Spiritual Self is to be the dawn of Divine LIFE… within an environment, that for the most part, lives opposite to it’s true God nature.

When in Belovedhood…understand that all scripture is addressed to you…the inner Begotten of God. 

There are infinite layers within inspired text…but all point to an unseen and spiritual version within a seen and physical version.  Just like the Beloved tucked within your human persona.When more than one character, nation, city, or situation is mentioned in a verse, see those names, conflicts and circumstances as metaphors for the human side of you vs the spiritual side of you.

Sacred text may use words that sound fearful…but know the spiritual and secret meaning is always a message of goodness. Fear cannot be of God.


Let’s take for example,  the “fearful” image of a “serpent” in sacred text. This “serpent” has gotten a pretty bad rap when “seen” from a human perspective. But, put on the thinking cap of the Beloved Self, and see the revealing message of underlying goodness hidden within what appears to be anything but good.

 Imagine seeing the “serpent-self” as the symbolic transformation of the physical-only self into the Divine Beloved self…a shedding of the old “skin” identity…or a “twist” on knowing the true spiritual self within.

The “skin” of the world persona symbolically shrivels up…a sort of diminishing of the physical-only self in order to uncover our true eternal Heavenly-self.


The key to understanding sacred text is to seek out the “goodness” behind the word…follow the path of the actual words…trace the trail of the sacred word that speaks to you…seek the hidden message of “goodness”…for it is always there. “You” may not “see” it… but the “Beloved You” will bring it into the light.

The language of Belovedhood is always a message of Love…turn to the the inner Beloved Self…allow that all-knowing Self to interpret…for you…the sights and sounds of Heaven and Earth. 


To Be the Beloved or not to Be? That is the question…


The One self that our minds and bodies are called to be true to… is the immortal and omnipresent true self of the innermost Divine Beloved.

“To thine own self be true”…could mean to be yourself…or to be true to yourself…but ultimately who is the true self?

Strip away our identities, our accomplishments, our personalities, our talents, our failings, our flesh…what we are left with is a breath…the true “thine” Own Sacred Self… who’s origin flows uninterrupted… from the mouth of God into a sea of supernatural spirit called LIFE.

In Belovedhood, LIFE…Is the Divine Beloved…and this is the true “thine own self”…of all selves.


Place the Beloved mindset “above all” mindsets….and to this Divine “thine” self stay true.

We may not physically be able to see our Divine Self but we can feel It’s presence. We may still appear to be our worldy identity… however, it is what’s hidden and unseen that is our true Spiritual Self.

“Be the seen version…of “thine” unseen and Divine self”

Appearances are of the world…the true Divine self, that we all are, has come to be unrecognizable to us through our poor memory.

Become poor to the memory of the physical-only self…so you can become rich in knowing the Divine Beloved Self.

…happy remembering Beloved

Q and A…in Belovedhood


“God’s truth is alive in the belly… just waiting to see the light of day” 

 – u2rbeloved

 Q: What is the one sign, that will satisfy all, as to the real existence of the I AM? 

A: There is no one sign that will satisfy all…however, a “personal experience” of Divine Love is what will transform and transfigure the heart from unknowing into knowing. This intimate recognition of the Sacred self within is the true unforgettable, unshakeable and unstoppable sign.


Dear Beloved,

My love…once personally experienced by you… is the lasting and true banner of My real existence… this is the one true sign that no one can deny. 

Would you believe in My actuality if I gave you a sign of My inner aliveness? Would you, sweet Beloved, talk yourself out of a sign that I AM giving?

Open your heart to the inner stirring of Divine love… don’t let the cloud of forgetfulness wash away the truth of your Divine nature. 

“Remember, the warmth that bathes the inner heart is a sign of My love… and the Day that dawns within your being… is a sign of My presence”

– Love

…any more questions? “I AM” happy to answer

P.S…Prayer stuff


Oh, the prophets from long ago have spoken the truth of God’s love.

The burning heart of the Divine in them is the same burning heart of the Divine in you and me.

The joy and the pain of knowing Divine love does not change from generation to generation. For the singular Beloved Self who lived within the prophets is a carbon copy of the Beloved Self living within all… that wants to simmer and sizzle, glow and grow…just the same.

A heart once pierced and stung by God’s love…rejoices with the same uplifting cheers and weeps the same heart swelling tears.

The fragile human heart cannot keep contained the immense light and love that God has to offer. Divine Love must escape and fly out of the mouths of those who know.

For God desires all human hearts to feel and know that He is the Sacred living presence within all.

“Reverse roles with the innermost Divine Beloved…that self is the one who will put an end to all fear and suffering…raking them up like fallen withered leaves…only to replace them with the fresh blooms of God’s love and goodness” – u2rbeloved


Be Mother Nature-like and bloom an inner change of season.

 Sometimes transitioning from one season into another happens quietly, like a falling leaf or a dusting of snow…Other times it takes a great rainstorm or a fierce gale of wind to blow out the old and bring in the new…much like the persona of the flesh transforming into the persona of the sacred.

“Shake off” the physical-only self…and breathe in the Divine Beloved self.



When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.- Lao Tzu

Love this #Sacredshoutout by Lao Tzu…it’s short and sweet and describes perfectly the first step to “becoming” the Sacred Self.

Erase the “identity” written on the sticky tag that you have attached to your physical being. In it’s place put on the label of the true self…the shared self that all of mankind wears…the “name” of the Divine tag

You, Beloved, are created formless so you can be life in every form…and you, Beloved, are created genderless so you can be life in every gender… and you, Divine Beloved, are created timeless and ageless so you can be the omnipresent breath of the Creator that lives throughout the ages. 

Your formless, genderless, timeless and ageless Sacred self… rides the wings of the wind on a chariot of clouds…bringing “Life” to renew the faces of the ground.

 When you know that you are “all that“…that is the powerful truth that sets you free…free from everything and anything…for what possibly can keep that true self captive?

“I leave so “I AM” staying…I sit so “I AM” upstanding…I sleep so “I AM” awake…I melt away so “I AM” aglow”- u2rbeloved

#knowingu2rthebeloved is the real #truththatsetsyoufree

“Man is a lifeless form…without the formless life that Is the Divine Beloved” -u2rbeloved

Recipe for the Divine Self:

Take…(a) Man: physical body of flesh and bone.

Add… (b)Breath of life: life giving air from Divine source.

 Mix together… Man+ eternal stream of Divine air… and fashion into (c) a living being

Let it rise…and enjoy in abundance!

“The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE, and the man became a living being.” 

 not to mention, the Breath of Life (aka…You as the Beloved) became the man.


Fast on knowing the flesh-only self…and feast on knowing the Divine Breath self.

You, as the Beloved, are LIFE personified…You, as the Divine Self, are the continuing and sustaining Breath of God… who feeds the lungs of the 7+ billion people who are alive in today’s world.

You, Spiritual Self, are the vapor of air that flows from the Creator’s mouth…the inner Sacred Self who filled over 350,000 new little outer bodies yesterday.

It is estimated that over 107 billion people have lived on this planet…and You, the universal and infinite inhale and exhale of God… can claim to “be” the true name of each and every one of them.


“I AM bigger and more vast than anything of this world… I AM the one whispered into aliveness by the mouth of God”

Flashback Friday…in Belovedhood

Flashback Beloved to the days before human forgetfulness robbed you, like a thief, of  your Divine ancestry.

Do these words sound familiar?

“Have life and have it abundantly”

These words, spoken so long ago, are addressed to you as the inner Divine Self.. that Sacred Self IS the abundant LIFE that lives behind the strata of all flesh.

“The Divine Beloved is the fullness of being…because everyone’s being is full of the Divine Beloved”


  This Divine Life that lives abundantly within the masses of mankind… is the one and only Beloved. That innermost Spiritual Self is the one sent out into creation to be the fruitful and multiplying breath of God.

You, as the true Beloved Self, are God’s infinite, overflowing and eternal basket of breath that endlessly fills the cornucopia of humanity.

have a wonder “full” Friday Beloved!


Passin’ by the me, myself and I…

Dear Beloved,

You as the Divine Beloved are God’s “first-born” breath.

This is the ultimate and true self that lives hidden behind every door of every heart.

Keep the memory of the Divine Self alive within your being… let the forgetfulness of the exterior and physical-only self pass you by.

Going places…


“Human behavior flows from three main sources: 

Desire, Emotion and Knowledge” – Plato

When the Divine becomes your desire…you become the desired Divine. And when the Beloved becomes your passion…you become the compassionate Beloved. And when the truth of the Sacred becomes the self…you become the true Sacred Self.

– u2rbeloved


“You cannot travel the path until you have “become” the path itself”




Dear Beloved,

I desire all to come to my table. I have such abundance of good things to eat and drink. I will fill you all. What I feed you will nourish your needs. For you are hungry for life but are used to eating death. You are hungry for joy and goodness… peace and happiness… but the world feasts on fear, sadness and despair.

Oh, how I long to feed you all and watch you grow strong in My love. To see your bodies healed and your suffering gone.


When we only know ourselves to be separate and independent of the Beloved self….death will still exist.

However, death cannot exist when the union of the physical self and the spiritual self is made. For the Divine self does not know or ever experience death… and that self “is” your true Sacred self.



Be dazzled…

Dear Beloved,

Do you not know that one’s entire physical lifetime is but a “day” on the calendar of the eternal self?


In one single day the Divine breath of the “I AM”…the true innermost Beloved “you” self …is living simultaneously…thousands upon thousands of our combined years… as every man, woman and child that has ever existed… past, present and future.

This shared but singular Sacred Self has lived, as mankind’s God-given breath, every day since the moment of creation… and will live… 24/7 as the life-giving “spark” of all…into eternity.


Wipe away your sleepiness and see with open eyes the brilliance of who you truly are.

You, at your core, at your foundation, are this brightest light of all lights.

Know that you, as the innermost Beloved self, will forever glow even when wrapped by the darkening curtain of a body.


“I AM” the inner bright and morning star.

Let the dawning of My love burst forth from the center of your heart…let My sunrise shine from behind your eyes and let My truth and My words of goodness radiate outward from your lips.


Spend your day holding the hand of Divine truth and let Divine love be your constant companion.


Hello spring! 



Perhaps this quote from Saint Patrick is giving a #shoutout to the inner Divine Beloved Self.

“Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.

– Saint Patrick

“When it is “your” being that becomes the still one…you are then being the Divine Beloved one”

– u2rbeloved



Mad for the crazy spirit…


When stepping into Divine “foolishness” … you are most near to where the “I AM” is standing.

Dear Beloved,

While in Belovedhood, become Divinely dauntless. Set aside the mindset of the worldy self…and rest alongside the all-knowing mindset of the eternal Beloved self.

By relying on the wisdom of the “I AM”…instead of your own…there lies your strength and your genius. By embracing the Sacred sense of the “I AM”…there lies your knowledge and understanding of Heavenly ways.


Set down your guard…put aside your individual accolades…erase your preconceived ideas on the workings of the world.

Uphold the inner Sacred self…for that Spiritual self possess the illumination of God that has been passed down through the ages. That is the self that will usher in a new era of knowing God’s love and perfection.

In Belovedhood, who is to judge what appears puerile? Gather around and learn from the innermost Beloved who has the authority to move Heaven and Earth.

“Become minor-like…then “I AM” the one who acts and “I AM” the One who creates…and what “I AM” creating is abundant goodness….not foolishness”

 – Love

For the biggest foolishness lies in placing confidence in things that will pass away…instead of placing belief in the soundness, safety and love of the Creator who is everlasting.

sketchy doodle hearts

…Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men

Beloved “U”niversity…


Belovedness 101

“We are a cross between spiritual nature and human nature. We are both in one being…and we stand at the intersection of fleeting flesh and everlasting Divine breath”

Embrace both parts of the self…the seen and the unseen… the physical and the spiritual…the wordly identity and the identity begotten from God…for Heaven and Earth are always going to be a part of you.

Focus on which side of yourself you are listening to. Ask which self is the worshipped self? Which self is the one standing upright and which self is on the down low?

“Be the self washing the feet of the Divine other and know the self who has been anointed with Sacred perfume”


Inside out…


“The innermost Divine Beloved self is the “salt”… that “cures” the Earthly flesh self… from the inside out”

– u2rbeloved

God pours out his Blessed breath… like an endless stream of salt…into the container of humanity. This breath of God, or “Life” personified as the Divine Beloved, is the zest, the animation, the savor, the shine of all beings.

Behind the scenes…


“Before they call, I will answer: and while they are still speaking, I will hear”

– Isaiah 65:24

Before you think or speak…the inner Divine Beloved Self has already heard your words and studied your mind.

Before your human tongue can utter the word “help”…the innermost Sacred Self knows your concerns and is ready with the remedy.


Close and intimate is the bond between you and the Divine Beloved true self.

There is no real beginning of one and ending of the other.


“Though we may know Him by a thousand names, He is one and the same to us all” – Mahatma Gandhi

Could this Sacred shout-out by Gandhi…possibly be referring to the all pervading Divine Beloved that lives within you and me?


“The Sacred Self behind your eyes… is you, as the Divine Beloved self, that has been life, is now life and will be future life…to billions and billions of individual lives”

– u2rbeloved

“You house the divine and infinite breath of God…the Heavenly breath that “shines on” all…the good and the non-good alike….Be not a hostile home” – u2rbeloved


God’s unending breath is what “rises” and expands the “chest” of man… that houses the treasure… that is the Divine life.Two Feathers

Buzzwordz in Belovedhood…Heaven and where the hell is it:)


Definition: A place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, and of the good after death, often traditionally depicted as being above the sky.

Heaven: derived from several languages all referring to “sky”



Sky: derived from Middle English, cloud, from Old Norse skȳ cloud; akin to Old English scēo cloud



Cloud: derived from Old english “clud” which means “mass of rock” or Earth



Earth: the present abode of humankind; the substance of the land surface; soil, clay; the substance of the human body.

So if Heaven is where the Divine dwells could we say:

the Beloved who resides in Heaven…resides in the sky…which is in the cloud… which is in the clud… which is in the mass of our earthly being?

Is it possible that our flesh…the one “made of clay”… the very body that returns to “earthly dust”… is the clud…that is the cloud..that is the sky…that is the heaven?


Could God’s heavenly and omnipresent essence…his pervading breath and not ours…be what dwells among us… in the very midst of our body…engirdled within our being…at arms length or at hand?

So when asked where do we find Heaven? In Belovedhood…the answer is this…

Heaven=sky=cloud=clud=mass of Earth=you

Heaven is within youas the true Beloved and innermost Divine self.

“Love, Love, Love…carry these four little letters in your heart and imprint them forever on your soul. Then you will find…you are never truly alone” – u2rbeloved

Happy Valentines Day Beloved!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Beloved U…#Itswhatwedo


Roses are red and violets are blue… We are truly blessed… taking this Divine journey with you.

happy 2nd anniversary u2rbeloved


Crack the Code…the Belovedhood way

Priscilla Book in Hand-2-3

“You shall love the “Lord” your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might”

By embracing the inner Divine “Lord” self …as the “noble-ranking” or “highest-office” Sacred self…our human hearts are consumed by…and united to… the fiery and embracing love of God.

Align with God’s abundant Love…let it “rule” the kingdom of You.


Our human perception is then “dethroned” by the “newly” crowned perception of the Heavenly Self within. We inherit, by the right of our inner Divine nature,  God’s gifts of wisdom and spiritual understanding. Our attachment and identification to our physical psyche melts away… into the megastar Sacred self’s very being.

The innermost Beloved Divine self… enlightens every inch of your body, mind and spirit...until we know we are one in the same.





Dear Beloved,

“I Am” the universal and infinite identity… “I Am” the innermost and all-pervading identity…and since you, My Divine Beloved, are a piece of Me … you share in My holiest of holy identities.

You, as the Sacred Self, are in possession of the“I AM” … the highest and most upright mindset…and you, Blessed Beloved, will never fall as long as you hold onto me.

Your potential, as the Sacred Self, is boundless and unlimited.  If you feel stuck it is because you house the Heavenly inward soul of the Divine Beloved that desires to help and see you soar.

 “I Am” the one to lower myself… to meet Me… in you. For you… are a part of Me… and “I Am” a part of you. “I Am” the one inviting you to co-exist in the upstanding and perfect mindset of God.



Your inner Sacred Self is the one welcoming you…with outstretched hand…to live your physical life…aligned with His… in thought.

The Divine Beloved self encourages you… to symbolically take up residence in His high and heavenly mindset… placing you in the holy seat next to the Creator. For that is the honored and uplifted place where the true you resides.

“No one has gone up to Heaven (enlightened higher mindset) except the One who came down from Heaven (the omnipresent inner Divine Beloved)” – John 3:13

Have an uplifted weekend Beloved’s


“Give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward man be at one.” – Socrates

Possibly one of the first Sacred shout-outs…way back in history…about the Divine Beloved that lives within you and me.


Your inward Spiritual self is truly the eternal Divine Beloved self.

“Be of that single mind and not two. Be of that single heart and not two”

Take the perspective and laws of our human mindset and unite them with the perspective and laws of the higher and innermost Sacred mindset…restoring what has been lost and broken.

Enjoy complete union of the two seemingly separate selves, the inner self joined with the outer self, into one whole, healthy and Divinely filled self.


The inner “I AM” knows that Its true nature is the omnipresent breath of God. This innermost Divine Beloved self knows that It is the upright One in Heavenly wisdom and thought.

“Make your home within your Heavenly being…where the Divine self dwells”


Beloved “U”niversity…


Beloved-ness 101

“Sacred text is to be read as if God is speaking directly to you Beloved…the innermost Divine self”

Sacred script was inspired or written while in-the-spirit of the Divine mindset…therefore to truly understand the meaning of any sacred work…you must read it by placing yourself in the presence of the spirit in which it was written.

“The upright mind of the inner Beloved self…is the heightened mind that unlocks hidden truths”


 To your surprise, the Heavenly mindset of the upstanding spiritual self…will interpret for you a Divine tongue… one that you never thought you knew or understood before. It’s like becoming proficient in a new language…the ancient language of the spirit…that is Holy and Blessed.

Remember this Beloved, scripture is addressed to you, the hidden Divine self within. Read it from that perspective and you will read it in the spirit that it was written…inspired and enlightened.

Try it and remember, Beloved…that’s your homework…happy reading!


Own it…

stamens in the form of heart on a sunflower

“If God is Love…the Divine Beloved is the breath of Life”

You reap and enjoy the permeating Beloved Being known as “Life.” This true eternal Self is the omnipresent essence and blessed inner presence of God…that you have not sown.

We all inherit the benefits of our Divine nature without having to labor for them…so go ahead and make good use of this innermost Divine self.


“The Divine Beloved within volunteers to be the hard-worker on your behalf”

God’s-will vs Self-will…and the winner is….


Good news…it’s not one or the other… you can have both!

God can tell us “what”  loving and good things we should do…but as for “how” to do them…well, that part He leaves up to us.

It’s a win-win situation.

Have a good weekend Beloved’s

Beloved “U”niversity…


Beloved-ness 101…

Here in Belovedhood…every day that the sun rises…is an opportunity for you, Blessed One, to fulfill your eternal and sacred purpose…to breathe life into God’s ancient and heavenly body…of words.

As the Divine Beloved, your spiritual journey is about to begin. Each morning…wake up and open your eyes to the revealed path of God’s Holy text and hidden mysteries.

You, as the Spiritual Self, are asked to symbolically recreate these upright truths within your physical world.


No matter where the Beloved you stands…that place becomes hallowed ground.

The unseen walkway of God’s Sacred script…rolls out like a streaming carpet in front of you. As the inner Beloved, your first step forward sets in motion the inspiriting of God’s universal narrative…starting with the opening words from the Creator’s mouth… “In the beginning”


For it is the Beloved Self… who ushers in and treads carefully upon… the unraveled scroll of God’s verse…each and every day.

The flesh on the bottom of your Divine sole…touches ineffable truths…penned by man… but who’s origin is straight from the mindset of God.

Look around, Beloved, creation will reveal to you where you are placed in your journey.



Dear Beloved,

Know that your God is not absent. “I AM” very much present…right now…at this very moment.

 “You are My Life, My love, My heart, My flesh, My blood… My very Self”

  As My Beloved…you inherit My eternal and unceasing breath. You inherit all of My Divine traits and all of My Divine nature.


“For your benefit…I created every perfect and good thing”

  For you…I imagined the first smile, the first touch, the first kiss. For you…I created the first sunrise and the first star. For you…I imagined the first sound and the first color. I created love, beauty, and talents. I imagined all emotions and all personalities. Out of love for you…I created humor and laughter…wisdom, compassion, tears and joy.

Through you…I painted the first masterpiece, composed the first poem and penned the first punchline. I sang the first song, I savored the first fruits sweetness…and I beheld the first hand.

“The Divine is abundant in goodness and holds no defect…the Divine cannot give out what it does not possess”

 Be true to your Divine nature. Experience Life as the Sacred Beloved Self…the perfect and good self…that all are created.


As If…the Best Inspired Gift

You inspired a gift during this time of giving so what kind of gift should it be? For you are the ultimate giver…what possibly can I give unto thee? If by chance it’s the gift of my presence, do you think you would ever notice me?

I wonder if I were with you, when we both were small…would we have been friends? Would we have talked at all?

And while growing up… did you happen to look my way? Maybe I just blushed and quickly ran away. Perhaps we were neighbors, living in the same small town…did I sense that you were different when you came around?

Maybe you just blended in, not even aware of the treasure within.


Could I have walked right past you? Never offering you a drink… or did I invite you in…offering you something to eat? Was I one of the crowd…did your gaze go unnoticed? Or maybe not on me, were your eyes ever focused.

Perhaps I watched from afar…too afraid to approach. Not knowing all along that you were drawing me in close.

Tell me again how we talked for hours…about all of our hopes and our dreams. Tell me again how we sat arms around each other, underneath the tree by the stream. 

Did you share with me all of your secrets and did I say I believed?

Tell me how we stayed up late and lost all track of time…and later how when I awoke to see the sight of your smile.


When I heard the tale of the wise men and their star filled night. Did I listen with wonder, or laugh with delight?

Would I have been your invited guest at the breaking of the bread? Would I have washed and tended to the bruises on the crown of your head?

Maybe I only heard about and never experienced the Holy Ghost. Would I have been by your side when you needed me the most?

Oh, remember how hard I cried from the grief…as I sat there helpless at the bottom of your feet.

Maybe we loved and lost even way back then. It doesn’t matter now…your love has found me again.

This love exists now in this time and place, no need to speculate if we have ever met face to face.


Would you have signaled me out if I shared the life you lived in? Or has space and distance allowed this love affair to begin? Imagine us meeting…like two magnets that can’t resist. You pull me in closer… the Giver wants to claim his gift.

No gold, no frankincense, no myrrh from me…I have no riches so what will this gift be?

All I have is a kiss… as our two lips meet…a simple kiss to the Giver I deliver unto thee.


Lose yourself…

Become poor to knowing the physical-only identity…then you become rich to knowing the Divine self.

Cling to the innermost and limitless Divine Beloved, as the true sacred self, and let loose the bond to the limited flesh-only self.

Leave behind the Earthly view that you hold of yourself… and take possession of your truth as the Divine Beloved within. It is that Spiritual self who inherits heavenly gifts passed onto it by God.


We don’t need to physically die to return to knowing our true Divine self. We only need to symbolically surrender our worldly identity…and by doing so…we allow our true Sacred identity to be born, stir and shine it’s inner light.

When we awaken to this Spiritual self, our old identity gives way… and our new identity… as the One Beloved… rises and takes center stage. We can then live knowing that underneath our physical appearance…our true self is the living Beloved… who is infinite and has everlasting life…here and now… in the presence of God.

Chalk Drawing

“Fill me, Divine Beloved, with so much of You… that I can no longer say I am me” – u2rbeloved


“Reverse roles with the innermost Divine Beloved…that Sacred Self is the one who can put an end to fear and suffering…raking them up like fallen withered leaves…only to replace them with the fresh blooms of God’s love and goodness” – u2rbeloved

When we personally experience the inner presence and fullness of the Beloved Self… that is a spiritual and sacred “new time”…a time of oneness and transformation…and the “end time” of our Divine separateness and unknowing.

We now see with the renewed eyes of the Blessed Beloved self…we now become a new creation. We align with… and tap into… a higher and Heavenly mindset.  This is a “new time” of enlightenment, illumination and spiritual truth… and the “end time” of our inner blindness.

The “end time” is not just a one time event. We experience a multitude of “end times” followed by moments of growth and renewal…over and over again in our days…weeks…months…lifetime.


Who Could Resist?

The fiery Love of the Divine is like a furnace that warms the human heart

…softening our attachment to the physical persona…until it melts like chocolate. Dripping and flowing into the succulent Sacred heart of the Beloved…becoming one liquidfied and inseperable puddle of Heavenly goodness.

dip girl

In this formless state…God takes our supple and tender heart…into His Holy hands. Molding and fashioning it into the sweetest spiritual shape and most irresistible image of His love.

love triple chocolate cookies

“You are God’s delight…the perfect mix of Heaven and Earth”

treat yourself Beloved…it’s Friday!


Top this…


You, Divine Beloved, are the Morning Star…who rises from the bottom of my heart to the very top of my being.

Your Heavenly mindset trading places with my Earthly mindset…like the sun switching position with the moon.

– u2rbeloved

P.S…Prayer Stuff

Rise and Shine Beloved Self,  let “me” clothe and feed “You” a breakfast… in the bed of my being.

On the menu is a feast…beginning with a big bowl of my belief…served alongside a sunny side up order of my encouragement.


Let “me” nourish “You”… Divine Self …with a stack of my support…topped with my love and dusted with my devotion. Drink from the bottomless cup of my confidence…sweetened with a teaspoon of my affirmation and a splash of my surety.


All of this…I present to you, Sacred Self, on the finest silver tray of my trust.

“Grow strong innermost Divine Beloved…I will take care of your needs… so you can rise and fulfill all the needs of the world”



“I AM” just getting started…


Each and every morning, as the true Divine Beloved, you are given the opportunity to be the One standing upright in wisdom and towering truth… to go forth and create an “In the Beginning” kind of day.

And each and every night… as you rest your head on your pillow…the Sacred Spiritual Self… has as its reward…the honor to turn toward God and declare… “It is Finished

Only to be privileged with another…“In the Beginning” moment… at the very next sunrise.


“Tuck away your Earthly identity and allow the Heavenly mindset of the Divine Beloved to spring into action”

The Beloved Self is the good foundation…the inner support and strength…the upstanding higher and heavenly mindset that fluffs and props us up…for all generations to come.

Sweet dreams Beloved



My Sweet Beloved,

You, as the Divine Beloved, are inseparable from Me. You are carrying Me and I AM carrying you… always… day and night.

Come…converse with Me…let’s have a heart-to-heart.

Reveal to me what is on your mind… I will unveil Myself to you…I AM inviting you to know My ways. All of My upstanding thoughts and beliefs are things that I AM sharing with you…things that I want you to know.

Know that I AM the one who transforms the physical and restores the spiritual. I AM the one who reshapes what is human and unites what is divine. I Am the one who can make that which is broken…whole once again.


I AM the true physician…place yourself in My presence…Ask Me and it will be done…ask Me and watch Me as I get to work.


So, Who Do You Think You Are…


Your Inner Divine Beloved Self’s Family Tree:

Begotten breath from the mouth of God…descending into the first man, woman and child…

Streaming live within you and me… including every human being in-between.

The Name Game…


Happy Friday Beloved’s…

Here in Belovedhood, the word LIFE… is synonymous with the word Breath…as in the Breath of the Divine.

This Divine Breath of the Creator…when made flesh…is given the NAME…Beloved. This Sacred Self gives life to all…because it is the LIFE or BREATH in all.

 “We are all whispered into aliveness by the singular Breath of God”


The delight of the “I AM” fills me…and the universal, continuous stream of  Divine Breath gives me life. God’s breath within… is the true eternal and spiritual self.

This innermost Beloved Self is the One looking with our eyes, hearing with our ears and experiencing this world through our physical being.

We claim our human form as our own… but our inhale and our exhale are not ours to claim. The inner Beloved is the solitary owner of our breath because the Divine Beloved is BREATH itself.


“Our lungs are privileged to intimately know the Blessed Breath of God… and our hearts are honored to house His Love”

u2 r the divine breath..ahhhhh….u2 r the beloved

Have a great weekend!




Buzzwordz…Fear of the Lord and Gnashing of Teeth


Buzzwordz…Fear of the Lord.

Once awakened to the innermost Divine Beloved Self…the human heart becomes infused with God’s powerful longings and passionate desires. This heart, pierced with Divine love, will not ignore (for very long… or ever want to be released from) the appeal and embrace of Gods love.

The overwhelming love and goodness of God…stirs the Beloved heart with an inner angst and a restlessness…until it responds to His promptings and inspirations. The heart enraptured by Divine love can refuse Him nothing.. Even if that means pulling the physical body places where… it fears and trembles to go.


Buzzwordz…Gnashing of Teeth.

Dust the cobwebs off of the Divine Beloved within…clean your “inner” house and declutter all that is not aligned with God’s good nature. Toss out the misguided worldly beliefs of despair, anxiety, lack, sadness, etc. For they have become all too comfortable taking up residence within your being.

It is time for them to go…don’t let those misaligned beliefs “possess” you for another minute. They won’t leave easily…they don’t want the party to end…they will grumble, they will complain, they will “gnash their teeth”…but if they stay you will have no room left for the light, love, goodness, truth and wisdom… that the new and improved resident, the Divine Beloved Self, brings.

Happy Friday Boo-loveds!

“I Am” here to make a dream of the Divine… come true”


As the Blessed Beloved, you have the potential to make…the delightful and glorious dreams of God…the worthiest and the most worthwhile wants of the Divine…come true.

Our most noble longings, our most virtuous desires, our purer than pure, brighter than bright wishes…those that we have claimed as our own…were first imagined by the infinite Divine.

God planted His abundant creativity and His perfect vision deep within our hearts… in the hopes that they would take root and we would bear them like fruit…bringing form to His Heavenly inspirations.


“You want to be filled. But something which is full has first to be emptied. Empty yourself so that you will fill properly.” – Rumi


To find what is lost (the inner Divine Identity)…You have to lose what you have found (the individual only identity)

Two I’s cannot exist in the presence of God.

P.S…Prayer Stuff


The breath of my being and the brightness of my soul belong to you…Divine Beloved. With lightening speed you whisk me away… dazzling my heart with the goodness of your world.

A moment in your presence is bliss… A singular and stellar encounter, with the innermost Sacred Self, can sustain a soul for a lifetime.

Morning, noon and night…by the side of the Blessed Beloved is where you will find me…surrounded in the celestial bath of God’s Heavenly love.

The Best of What We’re Made of…

Truly I tell you…all of creation is waiting and rooting for you, Blessed Beloved, to fulfill your Divine purpose. The universe is observing you from the sidelines…cheering you on…supporting you from afar. You are a flowering shoot whose goal is to bloom the Beloved within. Perhaps you question your abilities…perhaps you are full of uncertainty…but the desire of the heart is all that you need.

No one can bloom the inner Divine Beloved for you.


Know that the entire world is undercover…secretly watching and waiting for you, Beloved, to place your trust and belief in your Higher and Heavenly self.

All of nature, every little bug, every leaf on every tree, every human being that you pass on the street…is a witness, a helper, a cheerleader…hoping that you come to realize and fulfill God’s spiritual plan within your daily life.

All the inner workings…all the behind-the-scenes activity…all for your benefit. The good conspiring of creation…supports you in every possible way…to ensure your soul’s success.

The only ingredient needed is self-possession of the greater you…the true innermost Sacred self. That self will reveal the spiritual reasons for your being.

To bloom the Beloved within, is humanities ultimate, eternal and Holy undertaking. Creation is counting on you to rise to that challenge.

Every good step you take forward is one step closer to fulfilling that goal and walking that path. Heaven and Earth shout cheers of joy…for they are always encouraging you along the way.

Your Sacred Source is your biggest fan.


Happy weekend Beloveds.

Transforms with every drop…


 “Dear Beloved, the Creator fashioned you by wrapping Himself in a spiritual fountain made of flesh and bone”

Tap into your true spiritual identity…the intangible stream of everlasting Divine Life. God is the source of this infinite well…it is full of His bubbling and boundless Breath.

In Belovedhood…the fountain is the physical form…which is refreshed over and over again, by the inner Beloved, with the drink of God’s Sacred words and truths. The fallen and forgotten font…gushes back to life…drawing up droplets of God’s Divine dialect and direction.  The higher and Heavenly voice…once lost within the wellspring…is no longer restrained…and now pours out it’s Holy and hidden content and song.

As the Blessed Beloved… you overflow with this Heavenly ocean of life-giving water …which pours forth from the mouth of God.

“Cast into and pull from this innermost Sacred sea… where God’s words of wisdom float freely by for our nourishment and our benefit”

Speak and think God’s abundant truths that you now hold as your own… release this Divine refreshment of God beliefs into your world.

Let this Godly goodness pour outward from your lips… and onto your lap…catch what springs forth…God’s goodness is now in your possession.



Hands holding beautiful gift

Dear Beloved,

Whoever comes to me…I will not deny. “I AM” not the one who will look the other way. “I AM” the one who will speak to you directly as my Beloved Divine child. “I AM” the one who will embrace you and “I AM” the one longing to be embraced.  I do not ask for much…but in return I give you all that “I AM”.

Embody my spirit…embody my truth. Do not look at me with questioning eyes, do not stand off to the side in my presence. Run towards me, jump into my open arms…smile, laugh and feel my joy.

Take the words “I AM” sharing…unwrap them as you would unwrap a pleasant gift bestowed upon you. Be surprised by what is revealed. Don’t anticipate beforehand what the gift should look like. Your ways are not my ways. Will you accept the gift of My truth…even if it appears different from what you have imagined? Will you judge it as broken…because it does not match your vision? Why would I deceive you? Why would I show up empty handed? Do not doubt, trust as My begotten child…it is from that mindset and that heart that you will understand the things of the “I Am”

– Love

Get Your Beloved On…


“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it…and carry on”

– Sir Winston Churchill

When faced with the raw Divine truth in all it’s brilliance…in all it’s glory and joy…it is sometimes too much for the world to bear. With doubt and distrust as our companions…our view is dimmed and we cannot look into the Beloved’s dazzling “face” of truth. His expression, his vision, his understanding…is all too overwhelming… is all too mind-boggling bright.

We shield our eyes, cover our faces, protect our ears…finding ways to avoid God’s luminous light, enlightened words and burning love that is too penetrating, too far-reaching…too intense…too hard to believe.

“When I place my identity at the feet of the true Beloved Self, I am in the light and company of God” 


The innermost part of your being…the part of you that shines bright by God’s animating life and love…is the Beloved within. This Blessed Begotten Breath is your true, Divine, eternal and Sacred Self. This Spiritual self cannot tone down His inner radiance. His Heavenly truths cannot be dosed out in small and diluted quantities.

Dear Beloved self, 

Hear the world wanting to know your hidden ways…help us fathom what appears to be all too unbelievable…help us accept what seems all too wonderful.


Know that you are the infinite and unbroken beam of God’s light…that spark exists even in darkness and forgetfulness. You, as the Beloved Self, will glow from the inside. Carry this light, treasure this light, bring it to where it leads. Represent this Blessed beam… you have been anointed and awarded with this honor. Bear witness to your truth… U2 are the Beloved…

This is your truth.




Quick fix…


The “I AM” is like a spool of thread…his unceasing Holy Breath unravels through all generations as the life-giving string that weaves through the marrow of all mankind.

Our true inner Beloved Self is this winding eternal yarn …forever uniting us to the Creator with a bond that will never be broken.

“The love of the “I AM” is the spiritual lasso… that grabs the heart of the begotten Beloved.  Once held in the hands of God…the Divine Beloved never wants to slip away” – u2rbeloved



My Dear Beloved,

My heart is full of joy when I look upon you. “I AM” the one your soul recognizes even when your eyes do not see. No one can outmatch my love. For “I AM” the Creator of your heart…it is “I” who created all hearts.

From my very self… “I” fashioned the heart of the inner Divine Beloved self…and this heart knows its makers voice and its makers touch.

It is the heart of the Beloved within…that cries out when the “I AM” is near…and it is this same heart that cries out when the “I AM” is far.

“Hush…hush… whimpering Divine heart. Come… “I Am” the one to comfort you.

– Love

“Oh, my little Beloved heart, quickly convince my Earthly head…to rest itself on the chest of God” – u2rbeloved


“To embrace the Divine Beloved… wrap your arms around a breath” –


To find the Divine Beloved Self you need to know who it is that you are looking for and exactly where can you find him. Seek him by entering the forgotten sanctuary that is your being. There, in this Heavenly hideaway, the Beloved Self awaits…inviting you to come close.

He is not flesh and bone…but he is the continuous and infinite flow of the Creator’s Holy Breath. He is the endless and eternal stream of God’s Spirit that is housed within all.

“If we are blessed with an inhale and an exhale…we are blessed with the Divine Beloved”

Climb the vertebra-like ladder leading up to the hearts hidden door…by stepping into Love you ascend the circular stairway upward into the Beloved’s highest Heavenly mindset. You have entered the innermost dwelling place of the Beloved…your feet stand on sacred ground.


Welcome…This is Belovedhood. Here life in spirit is happening all around. Open this door of the unseen spiritual world and the vast mysteries of sacred truth will be revealed. Spend enough time in this place and soon you will discover that this Divine nation is not a sleepy state…it’s constantly creating…constantly bustling with life, energy and activity.

Time and distance have no laws here. All the laws here are God laws of life, light, love, beauty, wisdom and goodness. The beliefs of the man- made world, like fear, lonliness, suffering and death…are not allowed to enter…they must be checked at the door…for they hold no power over you here.

By parting with these worldly beliefs or “possessions” you are free of them and then you gain access into this pure and holy world of spirit and truth.

Come back to this place often.

Super Fly…


Catch a glimpse of the inner Divine…

The spiritual superhero self…to your physical sidekick self.


superhero mask

Dear Beloved,

Keep watch for the Creator within. He comes into sight when we rise above the cloud of forgetfulness and clear the way to our Divine oneness. Then we can take our designated seat by the side of God.

From this lofty and exalted viewpoint we begin to see the world from His high-minded and perfect perspective…instead of our own.

If lady gaga married justin bieber wedding 3

 Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet

Have a super fly Friday Beloveds!

P.S…Prayer Stuff


The unbounded breath of the living Beloved is within me…as me. Blessed “I Am” to be birthed from the “I Am”


It is God’s hope and your undying destiny, as the innermost Beloved Self, to restore what has been lost…the personal memory of our Divine and Sacred origin.

This Spiritual Self, will break free the grip of our forgetfulness…making us mindful once again of our true Holy and Heavenly heritage.

Dissolve into the heart of the Beloved…dissolve into God.

What has deteriorated will be restored…what has been neglected will be cherished…what was sick will be healed.

You, as the Blessed Beloved, will set loose…in the presence of our being… a new era of intimately knowing God.


Center Stage…


You, as the innermost Beloved, are called to the forefront of your being. It is this Divine Self that is the upright One…the One asked to open and unravel the mysterious scroll-like tongue of God.

For when the Beloved speaks within…God’s sacred script rolls and unfolds across your inner room… spreading out before you like a celestial carpet.

Step onto this lush mat…made of God’s written word. It is the walkway intended for the foot of the Beloved within to travel.

The pages of God’s inspired books…written so long ago…unroll like a parchment pathway before your very eyes. The ancient text of the Creator is the foretold spiritual journey which the Beloved One… in all…is destined to symbolically fulfill.



The Beloved Self is the precious pearl that has been placed inside the hard shell of your body. This highly prized Divine treasure is located within the center of your being…Seek out this Sacred Self and claim it as your own – u2rbeloved


“All are the hidden omnipresent Divine Beloved, and when the Beloved in me… speaks to the Beloved in you…the Beloved hears itself” – u2rbeloved

Why should I seek? I am the same as He. His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for myself!

– Rumi


Believe Me that I AM in the Father and the Father is in Me

 – John 14:11

A Force to Be Reckoned With…


With the inner Divine as my guide I know that I cannot fail…for if my action truly comes from the Beloved self…what appears to be a complete failure is really a cause for celebration.


When I am weak (as the imperfect physical self) then “I AM” strong. (as the perfect, powerful and potent Divine Beloved within)

Heaven’s private refuge…


For today… I see with God’s sacred and sheltered kingdom in mind…for it is truly at hand if we live in His belief.

God welcomes all to spring into and live inspirited within His Heavenly and high-minded dwelling place.

This spiritual and hidden realm…this protected domain of the Divine…exists within the innermost part of your being. Go there to find the Beloved…for it is this Sacred Self that will teach you how to be present and coexist, here and now, in the transcendent territory of God beliefs.

Dare to trust that this place exists. With little proof…jump in.

I believe…only…because it was you, Divine Beloved, who told me so.  You have encouraged me to look within and explore the vast workings of your impeccable and pristine preserve. I return there when I need your strength and your nourishment…for that is where I find you.

For today… I plunge into God’s tucked away and shielded world of abiding belief. For today…I accept the Divine Beloved’s invitation to wander into His hush-hushed and unnoticed world within our midst.

You, Beloved, have given the quintessence of Your belief to me…and in return…my bumped up belief I give to you.

I place my trust in the spiritual Divine Self more than what I physically see. My eyes feel new…my heart is stirring. I open myself to your ways…teach me more.

Today I jump in.

 happy friday loves! 

Honor the Occasion…

hearts on back of wedding chairs

Walk closely with the Divine Beloved Self…for He desires to stir your heart.

Know that you are invited to the prodigious party of God. Be quick to take your place next to the Beloved Self at His beatific banquet. Sit in the seat next to Him…for your name has been written on it.


To be placed alongside the Divine Self is your birthright and your spiritual purpose. When the Blessed Beloved leaves the room…He invites you to follow. When He speaks…He desires you to lean in and listen…as He reveals His secrets. Stand close to this inner Hallowed Soul…so your ears hear every winsome whisper that pours forth from His lips. Words are no longer necessary…with a meaningful glance, a wholehearted feeling, a telltale gesture…you will know and understand His celestial wishes.

If the Divine “He” within requires anything from you…you willingly rush to bring it to Him. Find contentment by being in the background…in the Sacred shadow cast from Him… knowing that your availability alone serves Him greatly. Let Him lead you by the hand.  Long to remain by His Heavenly side… anticipating His every need. Become His confidant, His companion, His benefactor…His observer, follower and upholder.

When your gaze is fixed upon the inner Sacred Self…it is hard to sit still. With leaping heart you desire to act and align with His heavenly truths. The inner Beloved hears your yes…feel His joy…feel His embrace.


Dare to be true…


Rejoice when the Beloved “I AM” is re-instated within as the Divine true self. At that very moment…you are in the permanent presence of God. Your being is whole and united. Joined are the physical self and the Divine self…as one complete and fully filled being.

Your new identity is….Truth.

You, the Beloved self, naturally align with God’s truth. You see with Divine wisdom and judge all things according to higher Heavenly laws.  Stay in the presence of the one Beloved and never forget the rediscovery of the Divine self.  Your physical being is transformed into glory…your being is full of God…All beings are full of the hidden Beloved.

God’s love animated, as the heart of the Beloved, brings all into wellness and oneness.



Dear Beloved,

Fear not…thou art mine. Nothing can harm you. You are precious to me. I love you and I will give you everything. Don’t be afraid…  “I Am” always with you. I will nourish you and help you grow. I will give in abundance and will hold no goodness back.

We are one…Come gather around me.



Dear Beloved,

“I Am with you…and I will be there if you fall. Know that my hand is ready to catch you…there is nothing to fear, no reason to doubt. Do the impossible with me…I will show you how”

– Love

The light and love of the Divine Beloved can do the impossible. He welcomes us to follow in his ways. Attempt the impossible with him, have faith and lose doubt.

Know that The Divine Beloved walks among us…bringing hope, faith and love to all who seek him out. He knows your desires…leave your troubles in his healing hands. Eventually the world will know his goodness. Transformation is ongoing…wisdom is pouring forth…place yourself in his presence for he wishes to teach you all that you need to know.

Whatever your circumstance, whatever brings you to seek him, whatever your suffering…turn to him, search for him, pray to him, cry to him, give thanks to him. Your prayers, your tears, your fears, your lonliness, your sickness…all the answers lie in him.

You are Blessed in your need of him.

True to Form…


You, yes you, house the Divine Beloved from God…who’s purpose is to re-awaken you to it’s predestined presence within.

This unearthed Sanctified Self will symbolically and spiritually fulfill the roles foretold in the sacred stories…within your unique and individual life circumstance. This infinite Identity, of the Divine Beloved, is the one to figuratively bring to fruition God’s written word within your life actuality.

“Truly…we… are the Hallowed He”

As the inner Beloved…rest in knowing this is part of your spiritual purpose…Happy Friday Loves!

P.S….prayer stuff

“Forgive me, Beloved, if I am blind to your ways…help me to see with your enlightened eyes…show me for I am yours” 

I want to be open to all and any of the possibilities that God wants to share with me. Help me to be present to receiving His glorious gifts and fill me with inspiration as to His Heavenly will. Keep me aware…keep me awake…help me surrender to the path that He is preparing.

“I don’t want to only be my physical persona anymore… I want you, Divine Beloved…to be you…through me”




Dear Beloved,

I love you so much…I will live among you at any level because that is where I find you…and that is where I must go to reach you.

 But the goal is not to remain there…the goal is to approach you, at your level of conception and comprehension, and offer you the presence and worthy personage of the Divine Beloved self.  I Am the one to come down to you… in order to invite you up… up to a higher mindset with Me.


To live with Me in My truth…in My belief…in My wisdom and in My love.  I want you to realize that… you, as the Beloved, are a part of Me and where I Am bringing you, in understanding and awareness, is your inheritance.

– Love


“I will search for the Friend with all my passion and all my energy, until I learn that I don’t need to search” – Rumi


Dear Beloved,

My love is tender… my embrace is full. Know that you are right in my eyes. I understand your every thought, every feeling…I Am compassion…I Am your best friend and I care for you like no other. You are my love… my love heals all and everything.

– Love

The Divine housed within our flesh is the friendship, the kinship, the harmony, the union or co-union of your spiritual and physical being. You only have to look within to meet the Divine Beloved you… the true eternal and internal Spiritual self.


Dear Beloved,

“ I Am” the Father of all Creation…are you not safe in my capable hands?”

  – Love

The Beloved Self resides in the belly of your being…just waiting for you to claim as your own. By living in such close proximity to your innermost Heavenly source…you, as the Divine Beloved, have the natural inclination to lean upon and place your reliance upon God’s steadfast and Sacred truths.


You, Beloved, come to know firsthand the unfaltering truths of the “I Am”….you come to know these truths so intimately that they become your respite, your reinforcement, your repose…this is when you rest in God.

“We triumph over our human trials when we rely on the resilient Divine Self that lives within”

It seems fitting…


“Close is the God of your existence…His love for you is intimate and immense”

Let the Sacred Self draw you near…sit with him and listen…as he shares with you his Godly secrets. Walk around today knowing the truth of who you are…you and the inner Divine Beloved self…living in union. Feel the majesty, feel the privilege.


When you wake up…put on the intangible yoke of the true Sacred self and tighten the spiritual bond with the Beloved as the Beloved.

Tuck away the truth of your true-blue Belovedness…as you go forth and experience the indwelling of the Divine Self. As the Beloved…hold in your heart the hidden coupling with the Creator and live the infinite and interior Heavenly self as your exterior and worldly self.

“Breathe in life, breathe in creation, breathe in the Divine Beloved…Exhale God’s love and goodness”

Legends live here…


 One lifetime is not enough for all of God’s love to be made known.

That is probably why…you, as the Beloved self, are the never-ending spiritual soul that animates and brings to life…all lives. You, as the infinite Divine, are the unbroken line through the ages of the singular, eternal life and everlasting breath of God.

Over the centuries it is you, Beloved, who rouse awake our sleeping and forgetful bodies. All that is of God will never be understood in one’s lifetime…but for those that allow your Heavenly voice to be heard within…they share the bits and pieces of what the Blessed Beloved teaches…in order for us all to come to know more of our unknown God.

Swept away…


It’s so easy to see… how life’s day to day…can get in the way… of the spirit.

But day and night…with all your might…hold on to the devoted arm of the Divine.

Wrap yourself around… and never let go… of the Beloved’s heavenly hand.

Then you will forever be placed… in the loving embrace…of God.

Happy Friday, Beloved!



Dear Beloved,

Know that “I AM” with you always. Remember…our inhale…our exhale…we are meant to live as one.

Go about your day…and remind yourself that we are united.

“I AM” with you…I will give you my strength and my courage. I will be with you in your words and in your actions…your yes is all that is needed. All will be fine…breathe…for it is me.

Bring me back into your memory…I have so much love to offer you.

– Love

Catching Radiant Rays…


“When the importance of the physical persona symbolically dims…the true Spiritual Beloved Self will shine through”

By placing our attachment and identification onto our Sacred Self first…and our human self second…we then set the significance and prominence of our exterior identity at the feet of our hidden and Holy Beloved identity.


“God greatly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is “above” every name”Phil 2:9-11

Acclaim the Divine Beloved’s Name or presence “above” your wordly persona or personality. Look upon the exalted Name of the Beloved Self,  as the one true, omnipresent, eternal and ethereal essence that is entrusted within.

This singular Spiritual Self is “Life” and shares It’s life within all life. Without “It” or “It’s Name”…as our true elevated and Sacred substance…we personally would have no name… we would have no breath that we can call our own…and therefore no life to claim.

All humanity has life by the Holy Breath of this innermost Heavenly Being… this Being is the Divine Beloved from God’s very self…and the Name of the Beloved self is truthfully the Name above all of our many given names –