Buzzwordz…Fear of the Lord and Gnashing of Teeth


Buzzwordz…Fear of the Lord.

Once awakened to the innermost Divine Beloved Self…the human heart becomes infused with God’s powerful longings and passionate desires. This heart, pierced with Divine love, will not ignore (for very long… or ever want to be released from) the appeal and embrace of Gods love.

The overwhelming love and goodness of God…stirs the Beloved heart with an inner angst and a restlessness…until it responds to His promptings and inspirations. The heart enraptured by Divine love can refuse Him nothing.. Even if that means pulling the physical body places where… it fears and trembles to go.


Buzzwordz…Gnashing of Teeth.

Dust the cobwebs off of the Divine Beloved within…clean your “inner” house and declutter all that is not aligned with God’s good nature. Toss out the misguided worldly beliefs of despair, anxiety, lack, sadness, etc. For they have become all too comfortable taking up residence within your being.

It is time for them to go…don’t let those misaligned beliefs “possess” you for another minute. They won’t leave easily…they don’t want the party to end…they will grumble, they will complain, they will “gnash their teeth”…but if they stay you will have no room left for the light, love, goodness, truth and wisdom… that the new and improved resident, the Divine Beloved Self, brings.

Happy Friday Boo-loveds!

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