Welcome to U2rbeloved…Belovedhood is a state of being and a destination. It’s a place of support and encouragement for you as you begin to awaken to your true identity as the Divine Beloved. Visit as often as needed to: Restore, Explore, Refresh and Remember your true spiritual Beloved self.

As you discover that your true being is the inner spirit of the universal Divine soul… your view of the outer world may start to come into question…this is a sure sign of the Beloved within renewing your interior and exterior world in a positive way.

By choosing to live in this state of Beloved-ness you may begin to feel that you live in the world but you are not of the world…your entire body, mind and spirit will undergo a life changing spiritual transformation. The goal of U2rbeloved is to create a nurturing environment that you can turn to for comfort, help and inspiration as you begin your “awe-mazing” spiritual journey and the fulfillment of your true Beloved self’s ultimate purpose.

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