Hands holding beautiful gift

Dear Beloved,

Whoever comes to me…I will not deny. “I AM” not the one who will look the other way. “I AM” the one who will speak to you directly as my Beloved Divine child. “I AM” the one who will embrace you and “I AM” the one longing to be embraced.  I do not ask for much…but in return I give you all that “I AM”.

Embody my spirit…embody my truth. Do not look at me with questioning eyes, do not stand off to the side in my presence. Run towards me, jump into my open arms…smile, laugh and feel my joy.

Take the words “I AM” sharing…unwrap them as you would unwrap a pleasant gift bestowed upon you. Be surprised by what is revealed. Don’t anticipate beforehand what the gift should look like. Your ways are not my ways. Will you accept the gift of My truth…even if it appears different from what you have imagined? Will you judge it as broken…because it does not match your vision? Why would I deceive you? Why would I show up empty handed? Do not doubt, trust as My begotten child…it is from that mindset and that heart that you will understand the things of the “I Am”

– Love

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