BFFs – Beloved Fast Facts:

The divine is not apart from ourselves. The one divine self IS our real self and it’s life is what lives and breathes inside our shell of our body. To live in a physical world…the divine takes physical form. When you are aware of the Beloved within…you know you’re the divine who is human in flesh only.

The Beloved lives as everyone. It favors no one religion, it favors no one prophet, it lives and breathes in everyone as everyone and its only religion is love. Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, etc…pick one…you are all of them….this singular life of the Beloved is what gave them it’s life and is now sharing it’s life with you. All of humanity is united by the giving of this divine self.

Your true spiritual self, Gods Holy Spirit within, is and will experience life in all…as all…for all time.

God is the source of the Beloved or the Blessed One…it is holy and whole. It is divine and includes all…because it lives disguised as all.


Your true self, the one Beloved Holy Spirit of God within, is and will experience life in all,as all, for all time. Everlasting life is yours when you understand your true self is the eternal Holy Spirit of God.  All of humanity has life given unto them by the singular, divine and Holy offering of God’s very self (aka the Beloved).

The Beloved self, God’s Spirit that is holy, animates life in the physical world. The Beloved is within us…and we are within the Beloved. We are not only our physical identity…we are also the one holy spirit…or the one, communal, divine life.

All are the holy beloved spirit. There is only the existence of one being, one self or one spiritual life. That one divine identity lives in all as all…for all eternity.


Being the Beloved is when our human nature awakens to it’s original divine nature.


Let go of who you identify yourself as being. Become aware of who it is that really lives within you…the divine, and eternal spirit of God that is sacred.

There is only the existence of one, true, omnipresent, spiritual being…the Beloved. This being is an offered piece of Gods very self…that is housed in all, and we in it (whether we acknowledge it or not). That one portion, offshoot or offspring of God’s divine self has lived and lives in everyone as everyone. Your body is the temple that houses the divine, one, universal soul within.

The beloved Holy Spirit of God is waiting for you within…re-introduce yourself to you.


Past, present, future…your true identity is the Holy Beloved Spirit of God. The Beloved is experiencing life in all as all for all time (most of us only identify with our human identity but that is not your true self)


We are all created to “be love.” You, as the Beloved, are the divine, Holy Spirit of God that is the one life within all life. This omnipresent life is experiencing individual life in all as the Beloved.

The Beloved (the one spirit of God in creation) took on the purpose to fulfill the one story. The one story is the universe..uni (meaning one) and verse (meaning story, song, poem, etc). The ultimate story is sacred scripture…which is your story as the Beloved to fulfill (which repeats over and over and over…throughout eternity)

Sacred scripture is the story line…the guide…the road map written for the Beloved you.

The journey is the road to revelation. The revealing of your true self. All are the one Beloved being…the singular, universal soul known by many names. The divine Beloved is you and therefore can never leave you…ever.

It appears we are all individuals living separate lives. In reality, we are all really the one Beloved life ( holy beloved spirit) living the same one story…with the same one purpose…which is the fulfillment of Gods story within seemingly individual life stories (a story within a story)

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