Dear Beloved,

“I Am with you…and I will be there if you fall. Know that my hand is ready to catch you…there is nothing to fear, no reason to doubt. Do the impossible with me…I will show you how”

– Love

The light and love of the Divine Beloved can do the impossible. He welcomes us to follow in his ways. Attempt the impossible with him, have faith and lose doubt.

Know that The Divine Beloved walks among us…bringing hope, faith and love to all who seek him out. He knows your desires…leave your troubles in his healing hands. Eventually the world will know his goodness. Transformation is ongoing…wisdom is pouring forth…place yourself in his presence for he wishes to teach you all that you need to know.

Whatever your circumstance, whatever brings you to seek him, whatever your suffering…turn to him, search for him, pray to him, cry to him, give thanks to him. Your prayers, your tears, your fears, your lonliness, your sickness…all the answers lie in him.

You are Blessed in your need of him.

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