Listen Up…

statue-of-woman-with-hand-to-ear “Truth of the Divine cannot be held captive for very long. It’s very nature is to radiate…it’s desire to reveal must be quenched”

Now I understand why the Divine speaks to us in parables. Now I understand why artists paint, singers sing and poets write.  Through them the innermost Beloved shouts out hidden truths…for all…who’s hearts, bodies and minds are tuned in…ready to conceive them.1-heart-and-cupid-on-paper-texture-seisiri-silapasuwanchai

“Truth of the Divine will forever be an uncomfortable inner prisoner…until it is set free to roam and linger” – u2rbeloved

In the past…many have tried to speak of Divine things… they have tried to reveal and update our understanding of Sacred truths…truths that have remained to us a mystery for quite some time.

Even though spiritual truths have been kept secret “from the foundation of the world”… they continue to exist in our very midst…they will continue to pass in us and pour over us…until the day comes when we are ready to grasp them. il_570xN.573732415_3ak5 So until then…artists paint, poets write, singers sing and prophets speak…sometimes in hidden ways… so Divine truth is out there…ready and waiting… for those who use the “new” ears of the inner Beloved to listen…the “new” eyes of the Sacred Self to see… and the “new” heart, a semblance of the Divine, to be made full.

il_fullxfull.525470862_osjyHappy Friday Love!              

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