The Best of What We’re Made of…

Truly I tell you…all of creation is waiting and rooting for you, Blessed Beloved, to fulfill your Divine purpose. The universe is observing you from the sidelines…cheering you on…supporting you from afar. You are a flowering shoot whose goal is to bloom the Beloved within. Perhaps you question your abilities…perhaps you are full of uncertainty…but the desire of the heart is all that you need.

No one can bloom the inner Divine Beloved for you.


Know that the entire world is undercover…secretly watching and waiting for you, Beloved, to place your trust and belief in your Higher and Heavenly self.

All of nature, every little bug, every leaf on every tree, every human being that you pass on the street…is a witness, a helper, a cheerleader…hoping that you come to realize and fulfill God’s spiritual plan within your daily life.

All the inner workings…all the behind-the-scenes activity…all for your benefit. The good conspiring of creation…supports you in every possible way…to ensure your soul’s success.

The only ingredient needed is self-possession of the greater you…the true innermost Sacred self. That self will reveal the spiritual reasons for your being.

To bloom the Beloved within, is humanities ultimate, eternal and Holy undertaking. Creation is counting on you to rise to that challenge.

Every good step you take forward is one step closer to fulfilling that goal and walking that path. Heaven and Earth shout cheers of joy…for they are always encouraging you along the way.

Your Sacred Source is your biggest fan.


Happy weekend Beloveds.