Well armed…in Belovedhood continued….


I fall into your arms…the arms of the Beloved.

 Exhausted from my spiritual journey… it is you who carries my limp body. I feel safe in your embrace.

You tell me to rest…to sleep…for it is now you who will care for me.

At this moment in time,  you cocoon me from the world…transforming my soul until it grows solid in your spiritual truth.

The wilderness has reinforced who I am…who I want to be.

I want to live an uplifted life and that Divine life is you.

When I sense the fullness of heart…I now know that is you speaking to me.

No more confusion. It is time to regain my footing and ease back into the world…as my newly discovered Beloved self.

The heat of the desert has molded, fused and bonded my heart…forever with yours.


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