Welcome to the “End” of A Time…

Here you stand, Beloved Self and physical self…hands grasped together, face to face. The time has come where there is no longer judgment of one being higher and one being lower… for both the human self and the Divine Self are honored.  feet-love-photography-shoes-smile-Favim.com-59154

“Grow into oneness, right-handedness…a walking togetherness

See the Divine Beloved Self as a partner, a love, a sibling. It is a time of union… of sharing… of sameness.

“No longer see yourself as one who is looking up and one who is looking down. No longer see yourself as one looking in and one looking out. No longer is one blind and one given Heavenly sight…no longer is one deaf and one possessing ears to hear God”


Substance mixed with Spirit are what the physical self and the Beloved Self have in common. That is your bond, that is what unites you. You, are like twins who have a thin veil of seperation. But now is “the time” to see eye to eye. You can, if willing,  live in union, never to be divided again.

“Reach for the hand of the inner I AM…for I AM by your side and you will be by mine… always.

Remember this…I AM the one life of all of mankind”


You, as the inner Beloved, are the Divine personified and are patterned after the “endless” nature of the Father…the infinite fountain of LIFE…or the Creator… and you, as the physical self, are patterned from the Mother…or the personification of the ceasing and renewing cycle of substance in the natural world.

“You become whole and fulfilled when the distinctive characteristics of your physical being and spiritual being are united as one”

Welcome to the “end” of who you think you are…and yay to the beginning of getting to know who you truly are…the One Beloved.