Ray of light..


Dear Beloved…Be an observer of your body and feel the aliveness of the soul. That aliveness is not “you” but it is a sacrificed ray of God’s heavenly light…that fluid flame is the life in everyone and everything. Outside appearances are not the only “real” thing. The Divine and invisible spark, that exists within all humanity, is the singular beam of the Beloved. That glimmering and endless streak is our oneness with each other and our continual connectedness to God.

When you feel that oneness with the Creator and creation, it’s impossible to be self absorbed. It’s impossible to think of one’s self only…because you, the Divine Beloved, are all selves. Creation appears to be many separate things but they all share the same Divine source within. Change and movement is all around us… but at the same time there is an underlying sameness and stillness.

“Hear the quite hum of the Divine…it’s the spiritual heart that beats and sustains all the bustling energy and activity of life”


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