Wish list…


Think about this…God can outmatch any goodness that we have to offer him. All the goodness and love that you want to express towards him….he outshines with all the love and goodness he has towards you… 24/7.

All that you want to be and give to him… he transcends with his desire to be and give all to you. You long to please him… but your longing is a small fraction of his longing to please you. You ask “How can I serve him?… What is his will?”  The Beloved, however, turns your questions around and he asks “How can I serve you?  What is it that you desire?”

Every good thing that comes from him stems from his great love for you. See everything that is God- given as a personal gift handpicked  for you…by him…. for the pure pleasure of seeing you happy.


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