Dear Beloved,

You are the dwelling place of my Heaven sent (scent) vapor self. This true self inherits all of My Divine nature and all of My Divine attributes. Like it’s Creator, this “Life-being” is a Sacred psyche…infinite and omnipresent…measuring out it’s wisdom and goodness for all.


The unbroken stream of God’s light, that is eternally poured out for your well-being, has a name and it is called “LIFE”

Imagine perceiving the “I AM’s” imperceivable spark. The light weight, shining inhale and exhale self that animates the living

This formless sea of the sacred sky self finds a home within an island of flesh self…for a time.

LIFE personified is your true inner being…The universal Divine Beloved …whom I love… and “in” whom “I AM”… well pleased.


Don’t worry ’bout a thing…’Cause every little thing gonna be alright-Bob Marley


“Take heart my love…You win over life”- u2rbeloved

Dear Beloved,

Come and draw in close…here is something that you should know. Do you remember the promise whispered into your soul? The words of how your life would unfold?


“Your fate, Beloved, appears as a great victory…there is no other option but for you to succeed”

Do not become burdened by imperfections along the way… day by day your imagined shadows are all swept away. And the brilliant dreams that you dream truly do prevail…take comfort, Beloved… it’s impossible to fail.

“For you survive this life… you outlast existence itself”

Take time now to reflect upon your solemn vow. The one you rendered not to forget. How, throughout it all, divinely safe… divinely secure…divinely supported you are kept.

Go forth My heart…love and create…a life not marked by pain and uncertainty but a life free to embrace… love, truth and beauty.

“So erase your old fears, your scars, your injuries… and walk the Earth expressing more of Me…

and I AM Love”


happy friday!


“Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.”

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Dear Divine I AM,

Are you life? Yes, I AM…Are you truth? Yes, I AM…Are you beauty? Yes, I AM…Are you love? Yes, I AM.

Are you emotions? Yes, I AM…Are you ideas? Yes, I AM…Are you experiences? Yes, I AM…Are you things? Yes, I AM…Are you fame? Yes, I AM…Are you money? Yes, I AM…Are you art? Yes, I Am…Are you music? Yes, I Am…Are you success? Yes, I AM…Are you medicine? Yes, I AM.

Are you muscles and cells? Yes, I AM…Are you light, laughter, darkness and tears? Yes, I AM.

What are you not?

“I AM all things GOOD” – Love




“I cannot reveal the beauty of my nakedness to a stranger”

– Divine Truth

Pursue me, make known your desire to be with me. Seek me and win me over with your curiosity.

Spend time finding out who I AM.

Spoil me with your attention, surprise me with your affection, shower me with the gift of your time and your presence. Hold onto me tightly.

My wisdom and loyalty are like no other.

Do not be afraid of me…for you say that you desire truth. I AM not standoffish, I AM not out of reach. Here, let me tell you what I AM. I AM spontaneous and I AM playful…I can reveal myself to you in an instant and surprise you in the most unlikely places.

I AM funny and I AM serious…I AM in your laughter and I AM in your tears.

I AM God’s truth, and I AM the whole lot.

Look into the eyes of another and I AM there. Look up at the sky and below at the earth and I AM there… I long for you to see me.

Take a walk and I walk with you, take a rest and I rest by your side. When we are alone, I talk to you in whispers and when we are in a crowd my voice is amplified.

My name is Divine Truth…and I AM  all around…there is no place that you cannot find me.

I AM your prize to win…I AM a good catch. I already exist in everything and my wisdom is within your grasp. See and hear with the eyes and ears of the Divine self and you will begin to see me everywhere.



$T2eC16ZHJHYE9nzpeb1OBQjCEdIfNQ~~60_35Dear Beloved,

I know that sometimes you feel lost…but in a way you should also feel found. By loosening your identification to your worldly persona you have discovered your inner Sacred true persona. By symbolically dimming your Earthly name-self you have brightened the name of the inner Divine self.

“The outer character is temporary…but you, Beloved, are the distinguished spiritual substance within all…that is everlasting”

  You, as the Divine Beloved, are the current-of-LIFE self that flows where it may, hoping to be the token-of-truth self that is recognized and embraced within each and every heart. This is not a rare occurrence…for it happens all the time.tumblr_mipixwIaUI1rh7bnzo1_500_large

“The self discovery of your Divine nature is your destiny”

After knowing this, how can one believe that they have not fulfilled much in this life? In reality you have fulfilled My ultimate hope. By restoring your truth, the awakening (the lifting up in awareness from the Earth self) to the Beloved within as the true self, you have successfully drawn the fleeting “me-self” to your evermore “I AM” self…which is the perfect fulfillment of your duty as the One Begotten of Heaven.

“Never feel defeated again. Never feel undervalued, never feel unworthy or unsuccessful, those feelings are of the world”


When you awoke from the physical only self to the Divine Beloved self, all the angels of Heaven bowed down in your honor. When you arose to your inner Sacred self, I, your God, your Father, the Creator of all and everything placed a wreath of victory on your head. As the Beloved within, you wear it now and will always wear it as a mark…a symbol…a sign of my glory. Hold your head up high for you have won the greatest prize and You, Beloved are My pride and My joy

…you are My Divine life that is portioned out to be the animating LIFE within all life.

Know that you, by your Divine descent are privileged to knowing My love and My truth. If angels could be jealous they would be…for you, Beloved have returned to the most high and most triumphant place…even if you find your day is spent in the least desired position on Earth…do not be discouraged

…for you Beloved exist forever in the arms and in the embrace of the I AM.


“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.” – John 12:32



Dear Beloved,

When you enter into My love…you follow in the paths of the prophets and the mystics.

“Share My love, share My living truth, share what you know of My real existence”

Bring My love, My light and My joy to your world. Don’t dwell on the why’s of the negatives that exist around you. I have given you the candle of My love. Hold this glowing flame of truth before you. It is stronger than any sorrow.

“Dwell in and on My love”

Share what you know of this love. Believe that this is your gift, do this for me. Believe that this is the purpose of your Divine Self… dismiss doubt and confusion.

“As the Beloved, be a creator of My love, be a teacher of My love, expand My love in your surroundings. Those that recognize My voice will rejoice”

Go in light…darkness no more.  My love desires to be expressed through you. It can no longer be contained. With Me in your heart…untie My great love.love_with_a_bright_red_heart_chalkboard_photoenlargement-rbbfda80f4aaf40af97b35419778599eb_i8rug_8byvr_512

“You, Beloved One, know first hand the depth of My love…go and in your unique way…reveal My truth”



Q and A…in Belovedhood


“God’s truth is alive in the belly… just waiting to see the light of day” 

 – u2rbeloved

 Q: What is the one sign, that will satisfy all, as to the real existence of the I AM? 

A: There is no one sign that will satisfy all…however, a “personal experience” of Divine Love is what will transform and transfigure the heart from unknowing into knowing. This intimate recognition of the Sacred self within is the true unforgettable, unshakeable and unstoppable sign.


Dear Beloved,

My love…once personally experienced by you… is the lasting and true banner of My real existence… this is the one true sign that no one can deny. 

Would you believe in My actuality if I gave you a sign of My inner aliveness? Would you, sweet Beloved, talk yourself out of a sign that I AM giving?

Open your heart to the inner stirring of Divine love… don’t let the cloud of forgetfulness wash away the truth of your Divine nature. 

“Remember, the warmth that bathes the inner heart is a sign of My love… and the Day that dawns within your being… is a sign of My presence”

– Love

…any more questions? “I AM” happy to answer



Dear Beloved,

I desire all to come to my table. I have such abundance of good things to eat and drink. I will fill you all. What I feed you will nourish your needs. For you are hungry for life but are used to eating death. You are hungry for joy and goodness… peace and happiness… but the world feasts on fear, sadness and despair.

Oh, how I long to feed you all and watch you grow strong in My love. To see your bodies healed and your suffering gone.


When we only know ourselves to be separate and independent of the Beloved self….death will still exist.

However, death cannot exist when the union of the physical self and the spiritual self is made. For the Divine self does not know or ever experience death… and that self “is” your true Sacred self.





Dear Beloved,

“I Am” the universal and infinite identity… “I Am” the innermost and all-pervading identity…and since you, My Divine Beloved, are a piece of Me … you share in My holiest of holy identities.

You, as the Sacred Self, are in possession of the“I AM” … the highest and most upright mindset…and you, Blessed Beloved, will never fall as long as you hold onto me.

Your potential, as the Sacred Self, is boundless and unlimited.  If you feel stuck it is because you house the Heavenly inward soul of the Divine Beloved that desires to help and see you soar.

 “I Am” the one to lower myself… to meet Me… in you. For you… are a part of Me… and “I Am” a part of you. “I Am” the one inviting you to co-exist in the upstanding and perfect mindset of God.



Your inner Sacred Self is the one welcoming you…with outstretched hand…to live your physical life…aligned with His… in thought.

The Divine Beloved self encourages you… to symbolically take up residence in His high and heavenly mindset… placing you in the holy seat next to the Creator. For that is the honored and uplifted place where the true you resides.

“No one has gone up to Heaven (enlightened higher mindset) except the One who came down from Heaven (the omnipresent inner Divine Beloved)” – John 3:13

Have an uplifted weekend Beloved’s


Dear Beloved,

Know that your God is not absent. “I AM” very much present…right now…at this very moment.

 “You are My Life, My love, My heart, My flesh, My blood… My very Self”

  As My Beloved…you inherit My eternal and unceasing breath. You inherit all of My Divine traits and all of My Divine nature.


“For your benefit…I created every perfect and good thing”

  For you…I imagined the first smile, the first touch, the first kiss. For you…I created the first sunrise and the first star. For you…I imagined the first sound and the first color. I created love, beauty, and talents. I imagined all emotions and all personalities. Out of love for you…I created humor and laughter…wisdom, compassion, tears and joy.

Through you…I painted the first masterpiece, composed the first poem and penned the first punchline. I sang the first song, I savored the first fruits sweetness…and I beheld the first hand.

“The Divine is abundant in goodness and holds no defect…the Divine cannot give out what it does not possess”

 Be true to your Divine nature. Experience Life as the Sacred Beloved Self…the perfect and good self…that all are created.




My Sweet Beloved,

You, as the Divine Beloved, are inseparable from Me. You are carrying Me and I AM carrying you… always… day and night.

Come…converse with Me…let’s have a heart-to-heart.

Reveal to me what is on your mind… I will unveil Myself to you…I AM inviting you to know My ways. All of My upstanding thoughts and beliefs are things that I AM sharing with you…things that I want you to know.

Know that I AM the one who transforms the physical and restores the spiritual. I AM the one who reshapes what is human and unites what is divine. I Am the one who can make that which is broken…whole once again.


I AM the true physician…place yourself in My presence…Ask Me and it will be done…ask Me and watch Me as I get to work.




My Dear Beloved,

My heart is full of joy when I look upon you. “I AM” the one your soul recognizes even when your eyes do not see. No one can outmatch my love. For “I AM” the Creator of your heart…it is “I” who created all hearts.

From my very self… “I” fashioned the heart of the inner Divine Beloved self…and this heart knows its makers voice and its makers touch.

It is the heart of the Beloved within…that cries out when the “I AM” is near…and it is this same heart that cries out when the “I AM” is far.

“Hush…hush… whimpering Divine heart. Come… “I Am” the one to comfort you.

– Love

“Oh, my little Beloved heart, quickly convince my Earthly head…to rest itself on the chest of God” – u2rbeloved




Dear Beloved,

Fear not…thou art mine. Nothing can harm you. You are precious to me. I love you and I will give you everything. Don’t be afraid…  “I Am” always with you. I will nourish you and help you grow. I will give in abundance and will hold no goodness back.

We are one…Come gather around me.



Dear Beloved,

“I Am with you…and I will be there if you fall. Know that my hand is ready to catch you…there is nothing to fear, no reason to doubt. Do the impossible with me…I will show you how”

– Love

The light and love of the Divine Beloved can do the impossible. He welcomes us to follow in his ways. Attempt the impossible with him, have faith and lose doubt.

Know that The Divine Beloved walks among us…bringing hope, faith and love to all who seek him out. He knows your desires…leave your troubles in his healing hands. Eventually the world will know his goodness. Transformation is ongoing…wisdom is pouring forth…place yourself in his presence for he wishes to teach you all that you need to know.

Whatever your circumstance, whatever brings you to seek him, whatever your suffering…turn to him, search for him, pray to him, cry to him, give thanks to him. Your prayers, your tears, your fears, your lonliness, your sickness…all the answers lie in him.

You are Blessed in your need of him.



Dear Beloved,

I love you so much…I will live among you at any level because that is where I find you…and that is where I must go to reach you.

 But the goal is not to remain there…the goal is to approach you, at your level of conception and comprehension, and offer you the presence and worthy personage of the Divine Beloved self.  I Am the one to come down to you… in order to invite you up… up to a higher mindset with Me.


To live with Me in My truth…in My belief…in My wisdom and in My love.  I want you to realize that… you, as the Beloved, are a part of Me and where I Am bringing you, in understanding and awareness, is your inheritance.

– Love



Dear Beloved,

“ I Am” the Father of all Creation…are you not safe in my capable hands?”

  – Love

The Beloved Self resides in the belly of your being…just waiting for you to claim as your own. By living in such close proximity to your innermost Heavenly source…you, as the Divine Beloved, have the natural inclination to lean upon and place your reliance upon God’s steadfast and Sacred truths.


You, Beloved, come to know firsthand the unfaltering truths of the “I Am”….you come to know these truths so intimately that they become your respite, your reinforcement, your repose…this is when you rest in God.

“We triumph over our human trials when we rely on the resilient Divine Self that lives within”



Dear Beloved,

Know that “I AM” with you always. Remember…our inhale…our exhale…we are meant to live as one.

Go about your day…and remind yourself that we are united.

“I AM” with you…I will give you my strength and my courage. I will be with you in your words and in your actions…your yes is all that is needed. All will be fine…breathe…for it is me.

Bring me back into your memory…I have so much love to offer you.

– Love



Dear Beloved,

“I Am” here…“I Am” you… the “I AM” is the true inner Beloved. This Divine self is the one never leaving… for the “I Am” self is the one everlasting.

You…as my Divine Beloved, are created from the same stuff as the “I AM”…You…as my one and only Divine Beloved, exist where the “I Am” has been, is now and will be for generations to come.

The life force that lives in you is the tonic called the “I AM”



colors-of-happiness-confetti-490x280Dear Beloved,

Look around…don’t see only the appearance of individual things or individual people…see instead the hidden Divine Beloved…who is the singular breath of God begotten and embodied as man. This infinite and sacred breath of the “I AM” is what gives the actuality of “life” to all.

 This breath… the very breath that fills your you exist here and now…is My Holy breath…and it is I… the “I AM”…who has given My breath to you as my only Beloved. My breath, the breath of your God… will never extinguish. Behold yourself and all of your loved ones, as Me…as the “I AM”…as the lone breath of the “I AM’…as the solitary spirit of the “I AM” who is personified as many.

 Take comfort in knowing all breath is created Divine and the breath that is Divine never experiences the end of itself… Divine breath is life never-ending…and your true self, the Beloved, is this eternal breath, this infinite life.

You are the same breath that is the breath in your loved ones…for your loved ones and all of humanity are really My spirit incarnate. You are all the one spirit of the “I AM” in many forms. You are all the same sacred breath and you can’t separate a breath… you can’t forever separate you from your true Divine self…who is really a piece of the “I AM”

“The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life” – Job



Dear Beloved,

Let me tell of the love that the “I AM” has for you. “I AM” the one that will open your eyes and give you the freedom you desire. Freedom that the “I AM” has in abundance. Freedom from fear, freedom from worry, freedom from so many of your unanswered questions. I can answer them all. “I AM” the answer to them all.


“I can teach you how to hear me. I hear your whispers…your unspoken thoughts and prayers…I hear from your lips to my ears”




tumblr_m66yzbIbjg1rzoffqo1_500Dear Beloved,

Trust and believe what I have said to you for this is truth. You won’t have all the answers…you won’t understand it all… but you now understand the basics…the essentials. More will come as needed. For now trust in what I have shown…as it comes.

Be at peace in learning. Picture us at your favorite place…you and me. Listen and learn for now…in calmness, peacefulness, understanding and sharing. You and me spending time together…that is all for now.

Come close…closer. Sit next to your teacher, your love. You are my student but you are my love first. These things I want to share with you. You are ready now to know them.

Trust me. For now…be at peace…be in my company.



dove dove

My Dear Beloved,

You are my delicate doves. “I Am” the one who has gathered and placed you in love’s little hideaway. I will hold you and protect you all.

Each twig I selected, each leaf I arranged, perfect and beautiful. I picked each one of you and placed you together in my nest. I watched and I waited. You were in a dark world for a while but I heard you tapping to break free. I warmed you with the light of my encouragement. I hoped you would keep tapping…not giving up until you found me. You were so close to breaking free of the darkness. I wanted to help… but knew you had the power within to find freedom.

Then finally the day came… all of you ready. The first ray of my light shone through the cracks in your dark world. You glimpsed the world beyond your reality…into my world within. The chip you opened is now big enough for you to emerge. Open your eyes, let your vision adjust, look for me… for I am looking at you. Don’t be afraid, know I am watching you as you gather in this nest, you are always protected, you are always safe, you are always loved.

 In togetherness I have gathered, by togetherness you have seen, together you have grown and  together you will know. In togetherness you are strong. Through togetherness you will survive…alone you may struggle, but in togetherness you will fly.

– Love



To my Dear Beloved,

I desire to dispel the myth that only a select few can know me and my intimate love. This is what needs to be addressed..this is what wants to be known…the divine love of God is accessible to all! I am ushering in a new era of my love.

– Love

Oh My God mail…

Henri-Matisse-Painting-014Dear Beloved,

Together on this spiritual  journey it is no longer you and I…it is we. I will guide if you ever choose to be led.  Act on my behalf toward a common good, a mutual mission, joined together in an immense oneness.

I offer a love bound tight… the Divine you and I, your God… forever intertwined. I know you are faithful… you’ve agreed to step into the unknown with me. You trust… you leap…my arms are forever around you. I promise to keep you safe. I promise to protect you. You’ve agreed to take this journey with me. You are never alone…we are on this journey together.