You Matter…

Once upon a time, a girl from the land of Matter… and a boy from the land of the Divine…fell madly in love, married and birthed you…inner Beloved.

i love you 2 (1)

“You, as the Sacred Self within, are the fruit of Heaven and Earth’s love story”

– u2rbeloved


Matter: a physical substance that occupies space. Distinct from mind/spirit/energy. Derived from Latin word “materia”

 so Matter=Materia/Material 


Materia:  timber, substance. Derived from Latin word “mater”

so Matter=Materia/Material=Mater 
word-to-your-mother-posterMater:  origin, source, house. Derived from Latin word meaning “Mother”


…so in Belovedhood…Matter=Mother

The words..Honor your “father” and “mother”… are to remind us to appreciate the mystery, the wonder and awe, behind our Heavenly formation… as the Divine Beloved within… and our Earthly formation as the physical Self.


Honor the “Mother/Mater” means to treasure the complex knitting together of matter/organic material, that created the physical nature of your being…and at the same time don’t forget to honor the “Father/Pater”… the origin of our Divine nature…the likeness/image/pattern/example from which the Beloved Self is fashioned.

You, Blessed One, are patterned after the formless nature of the Creator/Father (pater/patron/pattern)…that is housed within the shaped substance of matter (mater/Mother)

This is the meaning of…”and the two (physical self and Divine self) shall become one”Holding-Hands-39Father: derived from Latin “pater” Pater: Father. Derived from Latin “patronus”. Patron/pattern derived from “pater”… father, defender, protector, something serving as a model.



So…in the land of Belovedhood…Father=Patternand you Beloved, are to follow in the pattern/image/likeness of the Father…which is to“be” love.


…happy Father’s Day weekend!

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