Going places…


“Human behavior flows from three main sources: 

Desire, Emotion and Knowledge” – Plato

When the Divine becomes your desire…you become the desired Divine. And when the Beloved becomes your passion…you become the compassionate Beloved. And when the truth of the Sacred becomes the self…you become the true Sacred Self.

– u2rbeloved


“You cannot travel the path until you have “become” the path itself”


Get on with your Beloved self

images-11The search for life’s purpose and meaning is really the human need, or the unknown desire, to discover union between our human and divine self.  The connection to our true, universal, divine, identity feels lost to us and we spend our lives searching for what seems to be missing…the thing that is missing is the knowledge of our divine self.

When we awaken to the knowledge that the one Beloved soul is who we really are (the spiritual self that is eternal) then we give power to that Divine self and surrender to the idea that we are only our personality, role, label or human identity.  In doing so, we symbolically quiet our human mindset and shine light on our “new” divine mindset… as our true being.