Honor the Occasion…

hearts on back of wedding chairs

Walk closely with the Divine Beloved Self…for He desires to stir your heart.

Know that you are invited to the prodigious party of God. Be quick to take your place next to the Beloved Self at His beatific banquet. Sit in the seat next to Him…for your name has been written on it.


To be placed alongside the Divine Self is your birthright and your spiritual purpose. When the Blessed Beloved leaves the room…He invites you to follow. When He speaks…He desires you to lean in and listen…as He reveals His secrets. Stand close to this inner Hallowed Soul…so your ears hear every winsome whisper that pours forth from His lips. Words are no longer necessary…with a meaningful glance, a wholehearted feeling, a telltale gesture…you will know and understand His celestial wishes.

If the Divine “He” within requires anything from you…you willingly rush to bring it to Him. Find contentment by being in the background…in the Sacred shadow cast from Him… knowing that your availability alone serves Him greatly. Let Him lead you by the hand.  Long to remain by His Heavenly side… anticipating His every need. Become His confidant, His companion, His benefactor…His observer, follower and upholder.


When your gaze is fixed upon the inner Sacred Self…it is hard to sit still. With leaping heart you desire to act and align with His heavenly truths. The inner Beloved hears your yes…feel His joy…feel His embrace.