Be dazzled…

Dear Beloved,

Do you not know that one’s entire physical lifetime is but a “day” on the calendar of the eternal self?


In one single day the Divine breath of the “I AM”…the true innermost Beloved “you” self …is living simultaneously…thousands upon thousands of our combined years… as every man, woman and child that has ever existed… past, present and future.

This shared but singular Sacred Self has lived, as mankind’s God-given breath, every day since the moment of creation… and will live… 24/7 as the life-giving “spark” of all…into eternity.


Wipe away your sleepiness and see with open eyes the brilliance of who you truly are.

You, at your core, at your foundation, are this brightest light of all lights.

Know that you, as the innermost Beloved self, will forever glow even when wrapped by the darkening curtain of a body.


“I AM” the inner bright and morning star.

Let the dawning of My love burst forth from the center of your heart…let My sunrise shine from behind your eyes and let My truth and My words of goodness radiate outward from your lips.


Spend your day holding the hand of Divine truth and let Divine love be your constant companion.


Hello spring! 

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