As If…the Best Inspired Gift

You inspired a gift during this time of giving so what kind of gift should it be? For you are the ultimate giver…what possibly can I give unto thee? If by chance it’s the gift of my presence, do you think you would ever notice me?

I wonder if I were with you, when we both were small…would we have been friends? Would we have talked at all?

And while growing up… did you happen to look my way? Maybe I just blushed and quickly ran away. Perhaps we were neighbors, living in the same small town…did I sense that you were different when you came around?

Maybe you just blended in, not even aware of the treasure within.


Could I have walked right past you? Never offering you a drink… or did I invite you in…offering you something to eat? Was I one of the crowd…did your gaze go unnoticed? Or maybe not on me, were your eyes ever focused.

Perhaps I watched from afar…too afraid to approach. Not knowing all along that you were drawing me in close.

Tell me again how we talked for hours…about all of our hopes and our dreams. Tell me again how we sat arms around each other, underneath the tree by the stream. 

Did you share with me all of your secrets and did I say I believed?

Tell me how we stayed up late and lost all track of time…and later how when I awoke to see the sight of your smile.


When I heard the tale of the wise men and their star filled night. Did I listen with wonder, or laugh with delight?

Would I have been your invited guest at the breaking of the bread? Would I have washed and tended to the bruises on the crown of your head?

Maybe I only heard about and never experienced the Holy Ghost. Would I have been by your side when you needed me the most?

Oh, remember how hard I cried from the grief…as I sat there helpless at the bottom of your feet.

Maybe we loved and lost even way back then. It doesn’t matter now…your love has found me again.

This love exists now in this time and place, no need to speculate if we have ever met face to face.


Would you have signaled me out if I shared the life you lived in? Or has space and distance allowed this love affair to begin? Imagine us meeting…like two magnets that can’t resist. You pull me in closer… the Giver wants to claim his gift.

No gold, no frankincense, no myrrh from me…I have no riches so what will this gift be?

All I have is a kiss… as our two lips meet…a simple kiss to the Giver I deliver unto thee.


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