When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.- Lao Tzu

Love this #Sacredshoutout by Lao Tzu…it’s short and sweet and describes perfectly the first step to “becoming” the Sacred Self.

Erase the “identity” written on the sticky tag that you have attached to your physical being. In it’s place put on the label of the true self…the shared self that all of mankind wears…the “name” of the Divine Beloved.love tag

You, Beloved, are created formless so you can be life in every form…and you, Beloved, are created genderless so you can be life in every gender… and you, Divine Beloved, are created timeless and ageless so you can be the omnipresent breath of the Creator that lives throughout the ages. 

Your formless, genderless, timeless and ageless Sacred self… rides the wings of the wind on a chariot of clouds…bringing “Life” to renew the faces of the ground.

 When you know that you are “all that“…that is the powerful truth that sets you free…free from everything and anything…for what possibly can keep that true self captive?

“I leave so “I AM” staying…I sit so “I AM” upstanding…I sleep so “I AM” awake…I melt away so “I AM” aglow”- u2rbeloved

#knowingu2rthebeloved is the real #truththatsetsyoufree

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