“The heavenly realms are the utmost abundant planes located within the vastness of our inner being” – u2rbeloved


It is here where the Beloved self is waiting in all his worth and goodness. He invites and anticipates our growing into union with him…that is the ultimate lesson for us to realize. We are to see ourselves in all our Divinity…embracing our true worth…which is the one begotten of God. When we live unaware of our Divine self it’s like being royalty and not realizing we are a king or a queen…it’s like having riches but living oblivious to our fortune. Divine treasures are just waiting for us to claim upstairs in our thinking…for that is where the Beloved, the infinite and eternal you… resides.

That true self is calling you to think upward…rise up and know your higher self…the self who all the goodness and Divine glory really belong too. God places his hope in us awakenening to our magnificence…he wants us to overcome our false ideas of separation, unworthiness and lack.


“I, the Beloved, live to my fullest in the highest and loftiest places…I come down to you so I can encourage you to let me lift you up.

Let me lift you up…I desire you to live among the heights with me. Higher and higher let us go…bigger and better together. You are worthy of all your dreams…nothing is too big, too good, too happy…I already exist surrounded by all those things…and since you are really me… you deserve to be surrounded by all of those things…then you and I are closer to being one” 


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