Crown Affair…


Dear Beloved,

Yes, I mean you. Truly I say….

“When life feels like a thorny crown…it’s just your heavenly halo…

that has fallen down”

Years of neglecting your true Beloved Being…have caused the sparkle and shine of your Spiritual Self to fade and lose it’s Celestial luster. Years of doubt and disbelief have damaged and dimmed the inner, golden, glimmer of your inherited understanding of the enlightened Divine. And years of forgetting, that you are the One true Holy Spirit, have shattered…into a million cracked and jagged pieces…the memory of your God-given Heavenly mindset.

“But the LOVE of the Spiritual Self  is like God’s Sacred superglue…it’s purpose is to mend and renew…all into Divine oneness”

The Beloved self takes the torn and twisted, splintered and scattered, pointy and painful pieces of the worldly self…that have become separated and divided from the original “I AM” self…and makes them whole once again.

Thank the Beloved within… for he puts the glow back in your restored, refreshed and God aligned halo.


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