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Dear Beloved,

God is calling out to you. Know that he longs for you just as much as you long for him.

Surround him…embrace him… be with him. He desires you to be in his presence. He has no greater joy than for you to go to him.

All God wants, all he asks, all he aches for, all he hopes for is the return of your great love…

Meet him in the center of your soul.


“You are a unique and new creation…but the Divine you is as ancient as creation itself” – u2rbeloved


The Beloved, or “Life” itself, had it’s beginning in God long ago… and is now living “new” as you.

You are not “It” but you are new… and uniquely you… because of “It”


P.S…Prayer Stuff


Oh, how does one say what is on the tip of thy tongue? Trapped in thy mouth are words of the Divine Beloved self…hidden revelations that one can’t seem to express. Oh, the Wonder of how to speak these truths…one is struck dumb in their presence. Not from lack of understanding but the Awesomeness of Truth renders one speechless.

How does one condense into a few words eternal truth? How does one use human speech to express a singular mystery unchanged since creation?

But the word God is the seed…and the mouth is the soil. The offshoot of the seed is the heavenly tongue of the Beloved… who’s native celestial language wants to burst outward into the daylight. Allowing the fruit of the hidden Divine to ripen and continue in the fulfillment of it’s purpose. Those who elect and partake of the fruit taste God’s glory. They have encountered the Beloved and when ready…they too will be the flowering plant who’s fruit is God.

March Madness…for the Beloved


Be a fool for me…be a child for me…appear to be naive for me…your God. You and I know that your not, but to others who don’t know or love me and my ways, that is how it may appear. Total abandonment to the world in thought…be flexible in thought. Abandonment to the world does not mean giving up nice things…what it does mean is to give up, or to fast, from what the world is showing you and instead to listen and align with what the Divine is teaching you.

Feel Divine truth growing sound within. Come to where I am, the Beloved self, and Truth will make itself known to you.


 “Divine Truth is choosing to dwell within this being…taking over and pushing aside what is left of me. Pressing my imperfections and weaknesses…my fears and my insecurities…into thinness”



A transformed look…


All are the Divine Beloved identity. When we, as the Beloved, look into the eyes of another…we are looking into the eyes of our spiritual self. Beloved looking at Beloved. Perfection and love, looking at perfection and love. No need to judge who is more perfect, who is right, who is better…because all are the same Beloved.

‘cause all of me”…the Beloved… loves “all of you”


All the Divine wants… is our embracing love…and to allow the love of the Divine…to embrace “all of us”– u2rbeloved

Hi lovely Beloved’s, First of all, I want to say Happy Friday! So, here’s the deal…the other day I heard the song “All of Me” by the singer John Legend, #songcrush, and it reminded me so much of the above quote. Especially these lyrics: “cause all of me…loves all of you” and “give your all to me… I’ll give my all to you.”

Follow me when I say that this describes perfectly the relationship that the Divine Beloved desires to have with you. Truth be told…the Divine self is that smitten over you.

I love the idea of seeing the Divine Beloved self in a new light. Imagine the Beloved as a friend, a love, a source of strength…a giver and a provider. The Beloved One is truth, beauty, wisdom, joy, light and perfection. The Beloved self is forgiveness, compassion, goodness and health. The Divine Beloved is life itself…he is abundance…he is All.

And, here is the best part…the Divine self desires to share all that he is with you.

Run, don’t walk, into the open arms of the Divine self. Doing so will give him the opportunity to lavish upon you all the good that is of him. The Beloved spiritual self is overflowing with all that he is and he longs to give his All to you.


 Naturally, when you empty “all of you”…as the human heart…you become full of “all of him”….the Beloved heart.

It pretty much comes with the territory.

Enjoy a perfect weekend loves.

“You are my Beloved…Step out of your World and into Mine…into the Land of Belief” – u2rbeloved



Visit me often in the land of Belief…I will be there to greet you. I will hold you by your hand. One by one I will share with you my Divine home. I will teach you what you want to know.

I will tend to you. I AM all that you are looking for. I AM everything and in me you will find all your answers. Find me and freedom is yours. I am so close, yet you don’t see. I am so close, yet you don’t feel. I am your breath, I am your heart, I am your life. These are the words you need to hear. Know this and the rest will come.

You already have the answers when you know where to find me. Come find me…you, the Beloved, know where I am.



OK Beloved’s…let’s go sightseeing


Take your eyes…imagine turning them inward. Take your body … envision flipping it inside out.

Turn your view…from looking out to looking in. Then from looking in…to looking up.

By looking in, you see me…the Beloved self. By looking up…

that Divine self will see God.

VDay- Heart Sunglasses

P.S…Prayer Stuff continued….

heart, plant 165166

The Beloved’s heart..once perfected and complete, won’t remain idle in the confines of the flesh. For it longs to break free of the ark that surrounds it… dashing off in such haste…to give all glory to it’s one true love. Trust in the heart of the Beloved…it remembers the way.

For all it really wants to do…is reunite with it’s divinity. Liberate the heart that wants to inspire itself…detach from calling it your own.

The heart in the spirit is not the beating heart… it is the fleeting heart. It is weightless…it is invisible…but it holds so much. It is a treasure chest of love, truth, wisdom, light and beauty.

This is the heart that is free to run into God’s arms and feel his embrace after it’s long  journey.

Oh, that is the desire of the Beloved’s heart – to inhabit the precious seat next to it’s God. There it rests…there the Beloved fulfills it’s goal…to gaze upon and become one with it’s Creator.


P.S…prayer stuff


If the Divine Beloved is the “I AM” in me…

then I have found what it is that I seek.

If the Divine Beloved is the “I AM” in me…what was once lost is now saved.

By the light of the Divine Beloved my blind eyes will see.

His words become the medicine for my ill tongue and the sound of his voice will heal my deaf ears.

If the Divine Beloved is the “I AM” in me…

My heart, that was once torn in two, is now fused, knitted, wrapped and bundled in union and original fullness with it’s God…

– to be continued tomorrow…


The Son of God is alive and well in Belovedhood…


TGIF!  Did we make it through the week my Beloved’s? I hope so! Hey, I’m sure you guys have heard of the latest movie about the Son of God. Honestly, I have not seen it. But, perhaps some of you have seen it or are planning to see it over the weekend.

I admit that I don’t know how the movie version will portray the Son of God …but here, in the safety of Belovedhood, the “Son” of God is synonymous with “Life” of God. And, at the end of the day, the word “Son” is interchangeable with the words …Divine Life, Divine Breath or Spirit that is Holy.


It is this Spirit, the secret ingredient, that takes on flesh…and brings all of creation to life. This divine Life offers up it’s Breath…in order to be life for us…by living it’s life within us.  

Lucky for us, we have a physical body and a spiritual body. The Life of the Divine Beloved is what animates the body. Seek to see beyond the physical self… then we discover, awaken to, and save what we lost to our awareness… the true spiritual, divine, eternal self…that is always with us because it is us. How awesome would it be if we could symbolically strip away the fleeting, corporeal self and identify with the everlasting, transcendent self….who is really the “Son” or “Divine Life”


Needless to say, we have life because our spiritual self is the offspring, offshoot, heir, descendant, “son”, child, piece, scion of God. The omnipresent Divine spirit that lives in every man, woman, child…regardless of gender… is the “Son” or “Life” from God’s self. The spirit, or the Divine life, within all… is the spiritual “Son” of God.

Empty yourself and let the Divine Beloved spiritual self live within your being…within all of his creation. By allowing the Divine to become fully alive in you…you become fully alive. Then you will be living your true self…which is really him…the Beloved.

Speaking of the Beloved…Have a great weekend Beloved’s!

Get the goods…


Divine wisdom is one gift that I would not trade for all the money in the world. For once you grasp wisdom that is of the Divine, you are richer than the richest mortal that has ever existed…and I mean for ever and ever!

– u2rbeloved

In Good Company


“Rest in knowing that God’s hand is forever molding you…minute by minute…day and night…always.

Rest in that comfort.

It is God’s will for you to know…that you are safe in his arms…safe in his creation…safe in his love”

Sleep well Beloved.

P.S…prayer stuff


Every step I take today is one rung higher on the Divine ladder…taking me upward into the heavenly mindset where God resides.

Every step I walk today, instead of flat, I see as up…The bottom of my sole touching the very flesh of God.

Upward, upward…within the body of my God.

– u2rbeloved



Okay, so…I just spent part of my day going through some old journals in preparation for an upcoming workshop that I will be giving. I have been so fortunate and extremely blessed to host ongoing group sessions that I lovingly call…Team Beloved. The sole purpose of our meetings is to spiritually uplift and inspire.

It’s such a happy day when you can share the journey of self discovery and personal transformation with other like-minded individuals… its the best! Don’t you agree?


Well, I was looking for a little inspiration myself as to what the topic should be for the upcoming spring workshop.  That’s where the journals came in. I’m all about keeping notes as you move forward on your spiritual journey. Personally, writing seems to help me see any progress I’m making… not to mention the very act of writing in itself can sometimes reveal a surprising truth, message or lesson.  Besides every now and then you might come across a “love letter from the divine”…maybe something like this…

“Tell of my love…

Feeling Divine love is proof enough for the heart. No one can deny Loves truth. If you tell of my Divine love…who can doubt or deny?

For the stirrings of the heart…will give My secrets away.

The heart blushes because she cannot hide from My love.

Oh yes, the heart cannot deceive. The face may remain like a stone…but the heart melts like wax in My presence.

Love, love, love…imprint those four little letters forever on your soul and you will never be alone”



Talk about inspiring, right?  I think it will be a excellent starting point for” Team Beloved”


dove dove

My Dear Beloved,

You are my delicate doves. “I Am” the one who has gathered and placed you in love’s little hideaway. I will hold you and protect you all.

Each twig I selected, each leaf I arranged, perfect and beautiful. I picked each one of you and placed you together in my nest. I watched and I waited. You were in a dark world for a while but I heard you tapping to break free. I warmed you with the light of my encouragement. I hoped you would keep tapping…not giving up until you found me. You were so close to breaking free of the darkness. I wanted to help… but knew you had the power within to find freedom.

Then finally the day came… all of you ready. The first ray of my light shone through the cracks in your dark world. You glimpsed the world beyond your reality…into my world within. The chip you opened is now big enough for you to emerge. Open your eyes, let your vision adjust, look for me… for I am looking at you. Don’t be afraid, know I am watching you as you gather in this nest, you are always protected, you are always safe, you are always loved.

 In togetherness I have gathered, by togetherness you have seen, together you have grown and  together you will know. In togetherness you are strong. Through togetherness you will survive…alone you may struggle, but in togetherness you will fly.

– Love

Dreaming a dream…


Yeah! A dream of mine has finally come to fruition. Not only is u2rbeloved officially up and running, but we have reached our one year anniversary! Won’t you share a glass of champagne and celebrate with me? We are, after all, on this “awe-mazing” spiritual journey together. As we venture further into the wonderful wilderness within… always remember this…

“The words of the divine Beloved are not meant to sway the mind…but to swoon the heart” -u2rbeloved.com

One more thing before I go… know that the Beloved in me rejoices in the companionship of the Beloved in you. Thank you for the pleasure of you company over the last year.

Happy Anniversary Beloved’s!


The Sweetest Thing


By far one of my favorite topics to write about is how “real and alive” the love of the Divine Beloved is towards you.

It makes sense that the relationship you have with the one Divine Beloved self will be personal and unique. Experiencing the presence of the universal Beloved will be different for everyone. The Beloved spirit knows you like no one other and can love you like no other…if you allow. No words may be heard…but a communication still.

Imagine the Beloved self waiting outside the door of your soul. Are you willing to let him in?  Imagine that you do…

 For a brief moment all time is suspended…mind becomes still, body becomes calm and peaceful. Breathing and all motion go unnoticed. Then out of nowhere, and on no part of your own doing, the Beloved makes his presence known.

Embracing without the embrace, caressing without the caress, speaking without speech, touching without the touch…this is how the Beloved approaches us. Greet that Divine twin of yourself. This true, universal self is the one who does the doing…he longs to enjoy your company.

Need I say more?

Lip print heart

The Beloved Within is the Secret to an Extraordinary You…


“Knock, and he’ll open the door. Vanish, and he’ll make you shine like the sun. Fall, and he’ll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, and he’ll turn you into everything” – Rumi

I’m sure you guys have heard of Rumi…the 13th- century Persian poet and Sufi mystic.Well, I am a huge fan. He has such an amazing collection of written works including poems and quotes…you might enjoy checking them out in your spare time.

The above quote is really speaking to my soul…probably because it closely mirrors the vision of the divine Beloved dwelling spiritually within us. By you directing the spotlight in the divine Beloved’s direction…He, in return, will make you shine.

Personally, I love to read the writings of Rumi, and any other sacred text for that matter, from the point of view of the Beloved self.  All sacred text is describing you and your journey as the divine, awakened Beloved.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that sacred text was written by the inspiration of God’s one holy spirit. To understand it’s meaning it must be read in the spirit that it was written…do this by tapping into the mindset of the eternal Beloved identity that lives within. See everything by this new perspective. This is when “enlightenment” happens and this will be transformative to your world.

Just wanted to put that out there. Have a Beloved day!

Inside Scoop


I’m not sure I ever told you this before, but did you know…that you, as the true, divine, Beloved self within, are to take on the role of fulfilling God’s one story?

What is this one story you may ask? This ultimate story is the one foretold in sacred scripture. Basically, sacred text is your personal story as the inner, spiritual Beloved self. By bringing this one story to fruition “spiritually”, within your unique and individual life, you fulfill the purpose of the one Beloved…which is to restore the divine within.

So this is really, really simple….sacred scripture is the story line…the guide…the road map written specifically for the universal, divine self…the Beloved you.

And here’s the thing…all of humanity, when awakened to the Beloved mindset within, share in the ultimate and all-embracing purpose of fulfilling God’s story (HIS-story) within seemingly individual life stories. A “spiritual” story within a “physical” story…Oh! But wait, there is an added bonus…this one story is repeated by your eternal Beloved self over and over again…into infinity. How awesome is that? You, as the inner divine self, has  life in abundance because the Beloved is abundant life… #it doesn’t get any better than this:)

‘Nuff said…


I love, love, love this quote…it makes my heart happy and full!  I recently discovered this quote and thought that I would share it with you. Hmm…but now that I think about it…this quote would have made a great post for Valentines Day! Oh well…never do tomorrow what you can do today, right? Anyway, this quote is quickly becoming one of my favorites…hope it speaks to you and your Beloved self. Enjoy

“What ever we may say of  (divine) LOVE is not it, but only about it”…

Love dominates the mystical life…“Your whole personality will be transformed, your countenance will radiate an inner beauty, and for as long as you feel it nothing will sadden you. A thousand miles would you run to speak with another whom you knew really felt it, and yet when you got there, find yourself speechless”

– Book of Privy Council


Hidden Treasure


First of all, I sure hope that you are beginning to “see” yourself in a new light and to know that you are much more than who you appear to be on the outside.

 Perhaps ,slowly but surely, your inner, Beloved, unseen, spiritual self is making itself more and more “real” to your outer, human, physical self. Think of it as having a mirror self or a twin self…who will always have your back.

Before you know it, this divine, Blessed self will become your mentor and guide…but only if you want it to…and believe me you will want it to. I promise you that this spiritual self will teach hidden truths that will rock your world. It’s all good and it’s absolutely, positively, guaranteed. It’s the Beloved’s job.

Your only job is to bring your faith and let the Beloved within bring the works. For faith without works is dead right?  At this point, I hope you agree that the Beloved is alive within, and if the Beloved is alive and your faith is alive you can be pretty sure the works will be done. Faith is knowing that the divine Beloved within is doing the works on our behalf.

Living large…


Empty yourself of “you” and become full of the divine Beloved life that is living, as you, in creation. Let the universal, Holy self become fully alive in you… then you become fully alive in return. It’s a win, win situation!

By doing so…you will begin living as your true, Blessed identity … the eternal, spiritual self… which is really the one, Divine, Beloved.

You’re Going Down…I’m Yelling Timber!


Happy Friday Beloved…It’s amazing how God uses anything and everything in creation to speak to you. He is in such close union with you that he knows exactly what it will take to get your attention. He knows the things that interest you, the things that appeal to you, the things that will make you pause for a moment, ponder a question or wonder at a mystery.

It is in that pause that he wants to reveal something to you. Don’t ignore that pause…that pause is the anticipation before the revealing of God’s gift or message to you.

The gift can be hidden in something beautiful and joyful, in something serious and heartbreaking or in something completely random, unexpected and even comical.

The spiritual world can deliver it’s message to you by bursting into your physical world…maybe in the form of a beautiful photograph, a hug from a friend, a conversation with a stranger, or a line in a book, movie or song.  One of these “pauses” happened while hearing the song “Timber” by Kesha and Pitbull…you guys have heard the song right? The opening lyrics are “You’re going down…I’m yelling timber”.

This is the amusing part… the song kind of relates to the Beloved in a way. You almost need to yell “timber” to your human only identity if you want your divine, Beloved, spiritual self to thrive.

Unless you yell “Timber” (symbolically of course) to your worldly self, that self will forever cast a shadow on the Beloved self and you will be the one blocking the light of your true Beloved self from shining through.

Yes, God is love but God is also playful and really funny.  He loves to make you smile. Can anyone say Timber?!!



Imagine that your divine, spiritual, Beloved self has already been everything, seen everything and experienced everything. It has lived it’s life as everyone from the beginning of creation.  It has suffered every trial, disease, death, war, hate, famine, and loss. It has experienced riches, fame, praise, position, worship, and love. It has been every age, circumstance, race, job, gender, etc. Rest in the comfort of this knowledge.

As the divine Beloved self, you have experienced the worst and the best….and guess what? You have survived it all. You, as the Beloved, spiritual self, will continue to survive eternally and have perpetual life in abundance. Therefore, you can and should be afraid of nothing…this is the true meaning of freedom.

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Come, remember your truth.

You, when aware of your true divine identity, are the one who will fulfill the role of the Beloved that was foretold in sacred texts.That is your true spiritual purpose and your destiny.

When acting from this divine mindset, you save and redeem yourself from yourself…your enlightened mindset puts the fear and suffering of your human self in it’s place. It turns all the wrongs right.  This singular, universal, true identity that exists within you as you…is the Beloved One life who has it’s source in God. It is God placing an offering of his Holy self into human flesh.

This divine Beloved identity is the one life in all. It’s eternal…has lived past, present and future…and shares in it’s life now as you.

Secret skill of the Beloved life

 “Rejoice and be glad” at the onset of every new endeavor. Don’t feel you can only celebrate the desired outcome after the fact.  Now is the perfect time to learn how to “rejoice and be glad” prior to every situation … Continue reading

Imagine “As If” …the nativity story

abbott thayer americano retratista e pintor

I appear as a guardian angel…following on the journey…floating alongside and ready to assist. To protect and to serve. I am glowing in the night sky…wings of gold carry me. Urgency is in the air. Heaven holds its breath. Anticipation, excitement, and wonder…the magnitude of tonight’s events quietly unfolding. They will change history, they will change creation forever.

I am the guarding angel to Mary…busily and unknowingly present to her every need. My touch she does not feel…but I smooth out her dress, brush back her hair. My hands are like a gentle breeze.We are settled in with hardships behind us…all are forgotten. Focus on this moment.

I am at Marys side…her face illuminated. My gaze turns to see God’s creation.What will God’s love look like in human form? My eyes grow wide…I am frozen. All is silent. I see the universe in Mary’s arms…the light is so brilliant. It is as it was in the beginning…the brilliance of the sun and the stars all wrapped up into one. The brightest light I have ever seen. My eyes could not focus. I am trying to see…but I see Mary’s face…joyful and tender. I feel overwhelming love pouring forth from the tiny being in her arms.

Treasure this moment…treasure this gift.



To my Dear Beloved,

I desire to dispel the myth that only a select few can know me and my intimate love. This is what needs to be addressed..this is what wants to be known…the divine love of God is accessible to all! I am ushering in a new era of my love.

– Love

Best of Both Worlds

chagall01aThe divine Beloved’s soul, or the offered spirit of God’s self that is holy, animates life in the physical world. The Beloved One lives within us…and we live within the Beloved.

This is the meaning of “love your neighbor as yourself”…physically no one can live closer to you than your spiritual self. Become lost in the other within.

Out of this world

Where your divine Beloved self lives is a vast inner universe. The soul, heart, kingdom, garden, house, ark, nations, temples, etc… are some other spiritual names for where the Beloved lives. The Beloved’s reality is where peace, truth, beauty, life, … Continue reading

Living Proof

il_fullxfull.190664128“When I am most united with God, I am most myself. It is in union with the other that I find my true self.”

“He is your being and in him you are what you are…he is your being but you are not his. The great suffering and illusion of man is his failure to experience that God is his being.” – 14th century mystic/writer of the Cloud of Unknowing and the Privy Counseling

Oh My God mail…

Henri-Matisse-Painting-014Dear Beloved,

Together on this spiritual  journey it is no longer you and I…it is we. I will guide if you ever choose to be led.  Act on my behalf toward a common good, a mutual mission, joined together in an immense oneness.

I offer a love bound tight… the Divine you and I, your God… forever intertwined. I know you are faithful… you’ve agreed to step into the unknown with me. You trust… you leap…my arms are forever around you. I promise to keep you safe. I promise to protect you. You’ve agreed to take this journey with me. You are never alone…we are on this journey together.


Prayer Stuff…

images-5God, you know me inside and out, you know my flaws and my talents. You understand my dreams and desires. You direct my path, my coming…my going. You are present in my creation, you are present in my passing. You know everything there is to know about me. You and I have loved each other from the beginning of time. We will love each other until the end of time. I can not comprehend all the love you have for me. No one or nothing can separate us. We are together always… in joy and sorrow.

If I wander away you are still near… loving me, guiding me, holding me close. If forgetfulness dims my mind, my soul still shines bright. When I suffer the spirit of unknowing, you do not flee from me. If I’m in the mindset of my beloved spirit or not, your love remains the same. I trust you, you have created me. You have protected me. I love you, I am in awe of you, I wonder at your wisdom and I am amazed by all of your creation. You have touched my soul… you knew me before anyone else. You created me from nothing. Even in my imperfection you see goodness.

I am precious to you. Your love is ecstasy…abundant is your love for me. I am awake and I remember…we are one. Take away my forgetfullness. Take away my doubt. Take away my fear. My heart aches with love for you. How can I serve you? Consume me for my soul is on fire. I raise up my heart and mind. I surrender, take me for I am yours forever.

Chillin” with my peeps…

images-12We have forgotten that there exists both a spiritual body and a physical body. The inner spiritual body, within all of mankind, is the one, universal soul from God. By acknowledging it’s presence, you symbolically set in motion the awakening, the restoring or the resurrection of the divine within.

The spiritual Divine self ,the Beloved, who gives it’s life to all of humanity…waits to be released or freed from under the strict confines (control and imprisonment) of the worldly self (aka…a false idol, second master, etc) Once liberated, the spiritual self is free to give all the gifts he has to offer. The freedom of the spiritual self can only pour out into the physical self.  The Beloved self offers freedom from fear, pain and suffering. As well as the freedom to experience true joy, love and happiness even in the midst of their opposites.

Let that Divine identity rise to the forefront of your being. By doing this, you invite the inner Divine Beloved self to live in close union with the exterior self. When this happens, the way you “see” yourself is transformed and your divine soul/self/identity ascends to becoming your higher, original, true divine self…the one Beloved…from God’s very being. Know that you are created in his image and inherit his nature. How awesome is that?

Get on with your Beloved self

images-11The search for life’s purpose and meaning is really the human need, or the unknown desire, to discover union between our human and divine self.  The connection to our true, universal, divine, identity feels lost to us and we spend our lives searching for what seems to be missing…the thing that is missing is the knowledge of our divine self.

When we awaken to the knowledge that the one Beloved soul is who we really are (the spiritual self that is eternal) then we give power to that Divine self and surrender to the idea that we are only our personality, role, label or human identity.  In doing so, we symbolically quiet our human mindset and shine light on our “new” divine mindset… as our true being.

Ramp Up Your Inner Beloved-ness

How do you “Be” your Beloved self? The one Divine self is the universal true self…and when allowed  (your will is free to allow or not) this Divine inner self  will “be-come” your outer self…and your outer self will transform … Continue reading

Branch Out…

The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, c.1909-1God is a living God…and God to this day is still having a relationship with all.

He is stirring souls and hearts each and everyday.

Through the ages, God has inspired people to create and express what he wanted to share…God’s desire bursts out of his heart… through you… to be soaked in by another.

If You Dare…Come a Little Closer

open-door-illustration-2-245x300“Learn from me”… your Divine Beloved self. “You want the answers, come speak to me. Knock on my door and I will let you in. Don’t try to get the answers in other ways. Just come to me, talk to me…all the answers you are searching for lie within. I am there. Have confidence that you will know my voice when you hear it. You will know. You’ve heard my voice before. It will become more familiar to you the more you trust in it. I will show you the way…any situation big or small. Bring all of your concerns, joys, sorrows, achievements to me.”

“I am going out before you, I’m preparing your way. I’m getting everything ready for what waits ahead of you. I know exactly what you will need. I will let you know when I’ve finished preparing the way. Patience…I will be there for you when things get tough. I will never flee from you. What I, your Beloved self, am preparing for you… words cannot describe.”

…”love me today, don’t leave me tomorrow, yeah”…

We have all heard the famous words that “God is a jealous God.”  When understood by the light of your Divine Beloved mindset you could interpret this to mean… “God loves us so very much that he wants to be … Continue reading

You Must Be My Lucky “Beloved” Star…

“The Beloved and I no longer exist individually…for I have allowed my heart to be transformed. My old heart is evolving and becoming a new heart…the heart of love. The love of the Divine no longer exists separately. When I … Continue reading

When the Divine Beloved Comes to “Visit”…and What You Can Do to Prepare

Screen-shot-2011-07-29-at-6.45.31-AMThe Divine Beloved is your true self, it does not “visit” you one minute and leave you the next…it does not come and go…the Holy Beloved is your true essence and it lives with you…as you..forever.

The Beloved wishes for you to prepare for his arrival. He longs to share with you. How should you prepare for him? Begin by finding the guest chamber within…your soul.  Everything you need to know will be provided to you.

The Beloved says, “I will meet you there… prepare this room for me”

Let the Divine Beloved self show you the way. He has it all worked out…you just need to trust and follow his lead. The Holy Beloved will instruct you step by step. Your thirst for knowing him will be quenched and your soul will be nourished. Prepare your soul for his arrival, he wishes to be in your company.

What the Divine Beloved Really Wants From You

“I have noticed if I invite joy into my soul party…the word gets out, and before long more joy wants to be invited.” – u2rbeloved. Much like God…you invite him in and before you realize it, he has swept you … Continue reading

Living from your Beloved Self – it’s a “Good” gig

3c5n5bamc7lg60g2u9iuGod created you to be His one divine Beloved… remind yourself daily of your true essential being. Living your life as the Holy Beloved automatically comes with the added benefits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, fearlessness and belief.

When you learn and practice how to live as the divine Beloved self… you graduate from the true and final “master class”…the mastering of the self.

Touching flesh of God

“Every step I take today …is one rung higher on the divine ladder…taking me upward…into the heavenly mindset…where God resides. Every step I walk today…instead of flat…I see as up. The bottom of my sole touching the flesh of God. An upward  journey… within the body of God.”  –  u2rbeloved

4 Small Steps to Help You Find the Beloved Within

The first step begins when you, as your physical self, can make straight the path within, for you, as the Divine Beloved One to travel. The second step is to clear away as many of the obstacles, along your journey, … Continue reading

How to Love the World You Live In

6182971-abstract-trees-with-hearts-on-pink-purple-backgroundLove the world you live in by being the heaven you carry inside…out into your world. When we know who it is that truly lives within us (the one Holy Beloved Spirit)…we begin the process of saving ourselves from ourselves.

The Holy Beloved self…when reinstated within…can guide us back to a way of life that God created for us to live. Our life, when lived from the Holy Beloved mindset, alters for the better the way we live life in the world. It brings us freedom from our old ways. Our misguided ways will be brought to an end and a new way, one in alliance with our divine Beloved self, will be shown to us…a life where there will be no more suffering, pain, etc…the Holy Beloved will wipe away our tears …the divine Beloved will not take away but will transform our imperfections into the Holy Beloved’s perfection…right in front of our eyes.

What the Beloved Wishes to Tell You

10040327-heart-in-bulb-illustration-design-over-whiteAll house the Beloved within…therefore we are created to be both human and divine. Somewhere along the journey most of us forget our divinity. In our forgetfulness we become accustomed to the identity that the world tells us we are.  We take for truth all the limitations and fears that come along with living in this physical only mindset. Over time we become attached to exclusively knowing our physical self and we no longer “see” or “hear” the divine spirit that we are also. That divine part of ourselves is pushed back into the shadows of our being….living in the dark.

Fortunately, all is not lost. We can learn how to turn the switch back on of the Beloved mindset within us…because it is not separate from us. This light can shine truth on our false beliefs and transform them into what they truly are…a “no”-thing. When the Beloved’s light illuminates the frightening non-truths of the world, they no longer look so alarming because they can no longer exist in the light of the Holy Beloved’s truth.

So how do we begin to seek? Where is this Beloved self? Does it exist outside of us up in the heavens? When we speak to it where do we direct our voice? Our voice is turned inward, that is where we converse with the divine. That is where we are in the company of the Holy Beloved.

Super-size Me

1327692_mosaic_sunThe 3 steps you need to  “super-size” your life. The first step is to realize that we have two parts to our being or two ways of existing in this world. We are created to live not only as a human being but also to live the life of the divine Holy Beloved Spirit. One half of our being is external and physical and the other half is internal and spiritual…these two halves of our being when joined make a whole. This idea alone already doubles the image we have of ourselves.

Step two of experiencing a super-sized life is to understand that each side of our being, our human nature and divine nature, comes with it’s own mindset, guidelines and beliefs.  Most of us, however, live only from our human or physical mindset and over time that self becomes our “ruling” mind…the dominate mind that we trust or “worship”…taking precedence over our holy Beloved mindset. When living from our “human only” perspective we shortchange ourselves. We limit ourselves to half a heart, half a mind, half a being, half a world, half of joy, half of wisdom, half of love. However, when our human identity and our divine identity are like-minded we automatically are “super-sized.” We no longer act from only half of ourselves..instead the two sides of our being become so closely united that we almost can’t distinguish where one ends and the other begins.

The third and most important step of a super-sized life is to incorporate our beliefs with the beliefs of our divine Beloved self (this may take some practice as the beliefs of the divine Beloved may be quite different from what the world believes).This union will open up new points of view to us and we will become privileged to understanding the human and divine way of looking at things. No longer will we observe life only from our human mindset…instead our perception and awareness will be super-sized as we integrate and embrace both our physical (human) mindset with our spiritual (divine) mindset.

When our beliefs are interchangeable with the beliefs of our divine self we will see this reflected in our physical world…the seen as well as the unseen will become visible…on “Earth as it is in Heaven.” The human persuasion of lack will be balanced with the divine truth of abundance…”seeing” imperfection will be transformed into “seeing” perfection, weakness into strength, sadness into joy, fear into acceptance, loneliness into love, confusion into wisdom, etc. When your human mindset is super-sized with your divine Beloved mindset you have the best of both worlds.

Have You Two Met?

King Queen GriefImagine yourself having 2 sides to your nature, you have a divine mindset and a human mindset…these two sides of your being were perfectly created by God to be in union…to coexist, to be knitted so tightly together that there is no separation. However, most of us have forgotten this truth. We may live an entire lifetime suffering a type of amnesia, a forgetfulness or something similar to a really bad hangover. This prevents us from remembering that we are both physical and spirit, human and divine…we are both ordinary and a rockstar at the same time.

The good news is that we don’t necessarily have to choose one way of existing over the other. We can celebrate the identity the world knows us as, our human self, along with the identity that God knows us as…the divine Beloved.  We were created to be both…the distress of life can occur when we become so attached to only our human nature that we suppress completely in our memory that we also have a divine nature.

When we identify only with our human self and deny the part of us that is divine we are living half a life or a one-sided life.  Envision how it would be to embrace both sides of your nature and experience, perhaps for the first time, a full life…a whole life. The divine part of you, the Holy Beloved Spirit, has come to (not only) give you life…(but to supplement your life and experience it) to the fullest.

If you do only one thing this week embrace, or at least try to imagine, how your life would appear if you approached it from the divine mindset of your Beloved self.

Best Kept Secret

11568130-silhouette-little-girl-and-boy-with-hearts-illustrationWe all have the choice to either believe what the Beloved tells us is true… or place our belief in what the world tells us is true. That is the meaning of free will. You have the freedom to willingly choose between being the “I Am” or being you. You are you…but you are also the “I Am”…all are the “I Am” within.

Bring It On

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.41.47 PMThe you that you think you are is not really you. Bring back to your consciousness that the true self is the one, divine, Beloved, soul dwelling within. Not the Beloved soul from the past, not the Beloved soul in heaven…but the eternal, Beloved, universal soul…living here on Earth now as you…as everyone.

This new emerging wisdom is ancient but has been forgotten. It’s original content has been distorted, altered or misunderstood. It is like the whisper down the lane game you played as a child and the truth of the message has been lost in translation…until now.

Learn how to surrender the self you currently think you are to your real “Beloved” self. Then that new found truth will guide you. Recognize that new identity as the real self…the one, divine soul of the Beloved that is expressing and living as you. Grasp this mindset and watch as a new beginning or a new genesis of truth reveals itself to you within and without.

Let go of who you identify yourself as being…become aware of who it is that really lives within you. An essential part of the adventure is the discovery of your true self and in turn your purpose.