Imagine “As If” …the nativity story

abbott thayer americano retratista e pintor

I appear as a guardian angel…following on the journey…floating alongside and ready to assist. To protect and to serve. I am glowing in the night sky…wings of gold carry me. Urgency is in the air. Heaven holds its breath. Anticipation, excitement, and wonder…the magnitude of tonight’s events quietly unfolding. They will change history, they will change creation forever.

I am the guarding angel to Mary…busily and unknowingly present to her every need. My touch she does not feel…but I smooth out her dress, brush back her hair. My hands are like a gentle breeze.We are settled in with hardships behind us…all are forgotten. Focus on this moment.

I am at Marys side…her face illuminated. My gaze turns to see God’s creation.What will God’s love look like in human form? My eyes grow wide…I am frozen. All is silent. I see the universe in Mary’s arms…the light is so brilliant. It is as it was in the beginning…the brilliance of the sun and the stars all wrapped up into one. The brightest light I have ever seen. My eyes could not focus. I am trying to see…but I see Mary’s face…joyful and tender. I feel overwhelming love pouring forth from the tiny being in her arms.

Treasure this moment…treasure this gift.