Prayer Stuff…

images-5God, you know me inside and out, you know my flaws and my talents. You understand my dreams and desires. You direct my path, my coming…my going. You are present in my creation, you are present in my passing. You know everything there is to know about me. You and I have loved each other from the beginning of time. We will love each other until the end of time. I can not comprehend all the love you have for me. No one or nothing can separate us. We are together always… in joy and sorrow.

If I wander away you are still near… loving me, guiding me, holding me close. If forgetfulness dims my mind, my soul still shines bright. When I suffer the spirit of unknowing, you do not flee from me. If I’m in the mindset of my beloved spirit or not, your love remains the same. I trust you, you have created me. You have protected me. I love you, I am in awe of you, I wonder at your wisdom and I am amazed by all of your creation. You have touched my soul… you knew me before anyone else. You created me from nothing. Even in my imperfection you see goodness.

I am precious to you. Your love is ecstasy…abundant is your love for me. I am awake and I remember…we are one. Take away my forgetfullness. Take away my doubt. Take away my fear. My heart aches with love for you. How can I serve you? Consume me for my soul is on fire. I raise up my heart and mind. I surrender, take me for I am yours forever.

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