Ramp Up Your Inner Beloved-ness

images-8How do you “Be” your Beloved self? The one Divine self is the universal true self…and when allowed  (your will is free to allow or not) this Divine inner self  will “be-come” your outer self…and your outer self will transform into “be-coming” your inner Divine self .

When you merge human identity and divine identity (in union with each other)…that is God emerging in your world.

Become empty to the idea of knowing yourself as only human and limited… let the spiritual and limitless Divine Beloved self live in you, as you…in it’s creation.

Let the true Divine self become fully alive in you…then you become fully alive…fully whole…fully complete….”full” filled…with God fullness.

That is when you will be living the truth of your Divine self… which is really…the one eternal Holy soul of the Beloved.

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