Hidden Treasure


First of all, I sure hope that you are beginning to “see” yourself in a new light and to know that you are much more than who you appear to be on the outside.

 Perhaps ,slowly but surely, your inner, Beloved, unseen, spiritual self is making itself more and more “real” to your outer, human, physical self. Think of it as having a mirror self or a twin self…who will always have your back.

Before you know it, this divine, Blessed self will become your mentor and guide…but only if you want it to…and believe me you will want it to. I promise you that this spiritual self will teach hidden truths that will rock your world. It’s all good and it’s absolutely, positively, guaranteed. It’s the Beloved’s job.

Your only job is to bring your faith and let the Beloved within bring the works. For faith without works is dead right?  At this point, I hope you agree that the Beloved is alive within, and if the Beloved is alive and your faith is alive you can be pretty sure the works will be done. Faith is knowing that the divine Beloved within is doing the works on our behalf.