How to Love the World You Live In

6182971-abstract-trees-with-hearts-on-pink-purple-backgroundLove the world you live in by being the heaven you carry inside…out into your world. When we know who it is that truly lives within us (the one Holy Beloved Spirit)…we begin the process of saving ourselves from ourselves.

The Holy Beloved self…when reinstated within…can guide us back to a way of life that God created for us to live. Our life, when lived from the Holy Beloved mindset, alters for the better the way we live life in the world. It brings us freedom from our old ways. Our misguided ways will be brought to an end and a new way, one in alliance with our divine Beloved self, will be shown to us…a life where there will be no more suffering, pain, etc…the Holy Beloved will wipe away our tears …the divine Beloved will not take away but will transform our imperfections into the Holy Beloved’s perfection…right in front of our eyes.