Hello thrill seekers…


Hello Beloved’s!  Welcome to 2014!  I love the possibility of a fresh new year, don’t you? And, I don’t think there’s a better way to kick it off than with a brand new adventure…an adventure into the inner divine world of Belovedhood.

Did you know the word adventure is derived from “advenire” which means arrive? So where do you see yourself “arriving” in this new year?

Perhaps you would like to begin 2014 seeking adventures not only in the outside physical world but seeking a glimpse into the spiritual world as well. Let this year be the year of discovery to the Beloved self within!

The journey into Belovedhood is the road to revelation…the divine Beloved revealing the truth to you about yourself. All of you who have awakened to your divine Belovedness are already on the journey. But, there is no reason to take this journey alone. You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home…but you will have to travel within.

You will climb the highest mountains and walk the deepest valleys. You will experience things and go places few ever allow themselves to go. You may feel lost at times and confused as to where you are…but soon the territory that, at first glance, seems foreign to you… will suddenly become very familiar.

Imagine your physical self is the manger from scripture stories….there you will find, greet, nurture and fall to your knees in amazement and wonder at what you discover within. Imagine your body is also the inn and your physical identity is the innkeeper. Do you say  “ Yes, I have the penthouse suite available for the divine to stay” or do you say “Sorry, at this time I only have a room for you outside”. The divine soul is you, so it cannot leave you…it is patient and will settle into the outskirts of your being. It’s divinity is no less, but it will feel distant to you like the light of a far away star in the night sky. Become the wise men who set off on an adventure to find the source of this stars bright light. Place your trust in this star that is calling and follow it’s lead.

I would love to share this “awe-mazing journey with you…do I have any takers? If the timing is not right…no worries… I promise to send postcards:)

In closing I want to wish you, my dear Beloved’s, a Happy New Year – one that is full of many new and wonderful adventures within.

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