Oh My God mail…

6182971-abstract-trees-with-hearts-on-pink-purple-backgroundDear Beloved,

God is love…I AM LOVE…My love has power, witness Love’s power and believe.

Believe in me…your Beloved self. I come to give the glory back to God…I come to where you are. I bring comfort, I bring love, I bring hope, I bring you life everlasting.

Try to believe in me (as your true Divine self)…then trust in me. When all is dark believe in my light. When you are bound I will loosen you.

It’s never too late… there is always enough time, when all looks hopeless, believe in me, love can do the impossible, believe and trust in me. Hear me call you, come to me quickly and follow me…the way I am…the path I have laid out for you.

Bring your troubles to me. When your heart breaks my heart breaks, when you weep, I weep.

Ask for my help. All is not lost, keep believing…the glory of God will be shown to you.

Believe, trust, have faith, there is nothing to fear. Loose doubt, be set free.

Gods glory will always shine…out of every darkness.


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