A Moment Worth Waiting For…

Unknown-1The one Divine soul that is living the one eternal story of the uni-verse (which means one story or one poem) will come to discover and fulfill it’s omnipresent purpose, while living as you in your lifetime. This one story is God’s sacred word, which will be given everlasting life through you, as you begin to awaken to your true Divine Beloved self.

To continually and eternally live this “one- story” is the ultimate purpose of the singular universal soul of the Beloved within you…as you, to fulfill.

Sacred text is the story line…the guide…the manual, the road map, etc… written specifically for you… as the Divine Beloved soul. The story of God’s written word will be made flesh or brought into creation through you…as the Divine Beloved true self…acting within.

We appear to be individuals living separate lives with separate personalities and unique talents. This is all true…however, behind our differences, we are the same one soul who was with God at the beginning of creation. You…as the Divine Beloved, are an actual piece of God’s very self. This Holy Beloved soul or spirit is the one and only true life that lives as all of humanity…and this universal soul will eternally live the same one story…with the same one purpose. This common purpose…this common story, when lived from the Beloved mindset, is the fulfillment of God’s story within seemingly individual life stories…your purpose within a much bigger purpose.

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