4 Small Steps to Help You Find the Beloved Within

bleudanceThe first step begins when you, as your physical self, can make straight the path within, for you, as the Divine Beloved One to travel. The second step is to clear away as many of the obstacles, along your journey, that are not aligned with your heavenly nature. Step three, which is the most important, is not to let the roadblocks that you have set up, of doubt and fear, block the way for your true Holy Beloved self from stepping forward.

One source of our unrest in this world is that we have lost our true selves. We know we are more than what we have been told. We know we are all members of the divine state of Beloved-hood… which we can begin having right now… here at this very moment.

However, we have believed a reality that tells us otherwise. We will always be on this quest for knowing our truth until we learn how to restore and promote the Holy Divine self within…which is the Beloved self…or Love.  Lastly, step four is learning how to reverse roles with your Beloved self.  Let the Beloved Divine you be the rockstar of your being…then the light or mindset of your true divine self will be the torchbearer and the pathfinder.

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