You’re Going Down…I’m Yelling Timber!


Happy Friday Beloved…It’s amazing how God uses anything and everything in creation to speak to you. He is in such close union with you that he knows exactly what it will take to get your attention. He knows the things that interest you, the things that appeal to you, the things that will make you pause for a moment, ponder a question or wonder at a mystery.

It is in that pause that he wants to reveal something to you. Don’t ignore that pause…that pause is the anticipation before the revealing of God’s gift or message to you.

The gift can be hidden in something beautiful and joyful, in something serious and heartbreaking or in something completely random, unexpected and even comical.

The spiritual world can deliver it’s message to you by bursting into your physical world…maybe in the form of a beautiful photograph, a hug from a friend, a conversation with a stranger, or a line in a book, movie or song.  One of these “pauses” happened while hearing the song “Timber” by Kesha and Pitbull…you guys have heard the song right? The opening lyrics are “You’re going down…I’m yelling timber”.

This is the amusing part… the song kind of relates to the Beloved in a way. You almost need to yell “timber” to your human only identity if you want your divine, Beloved, spiritual self to thrive.

Unless you yell “Timber” (symbolically of course) to your worldly self, that self will forever cast a shadow on the Beloved self and you will be the one blocking the light of your true Beloved self from shining through.

Yes, God is love but God is also playful and really funny.  He loves to make you smile. Can anyone say Timber?!!

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