When the Divine Beloved Comes to “Visit”…and What You Can Do to Prepare

Screen-shot-2011-07-29-at-6.45.31-AMThe Divine Beloved is your true self, it does not “visit” you one minute and leave you the next…it does not come and go…the Holy Beloved is your true essence and it lives with you…as you..forever.

The Beloved wishes for you to prepare for his arrival. He longs to share with you. How should you prepare for him? Begin by finding the guest chamber within…your soul.  Everything you need to know will be provided to you.

The Beloved says, “I will meet you there… prepare this room for me”

Let the Divine Beloved self show you the way. He has it all worked out…you just need to trust and follow his lead. The Holy Beloved will instruct you step by step. Your thirst for knowing him will be quenched and your soul will be nourished. Prepare your soul for his arrival, he wishes to be in your company.

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