If You Dare…Come a Little Closer

open-door-illustration-2-245x300“Learn from me”… your Divine Beloved self. “You want the answers, come speak to me. Knock on my door and I will let you in. Don’t try to get the answers in other ways. Just come to me, talk to me…all the answers you are searching for lie within. I am there. Have confidence that you will know my voice when you hear it. You will know. You’ve heard my voice before. It will become more familiar to you the more you trust in it. I will show you the way…any situation big or small. Bring all of your concerns, joys, sorrows, achievements to me.”

“I am going out before you, I’m preparing your way. I’m getting everything ready for what waits ahead of you. I know exactly what you will need. I will let you know when I’ve finished preparing the way. Patience…I will be there for you when things get tough. I will never flee from you. What I, your Beloved self, am preparing for you… words cannot describe.”