colors-of-happiness-confetti-490x280Dear Beloved,

Look around…don’t see only the appearance of individual things or individual people…see instead the hidden Divine Beloved…who is the singular breath of God begotten and embodied as man. This infinite and sacred breath of the “I AM” is what gives the actuality of “life” to all.

 This breath… the very breath that fills your you exist here and now…is My Holy breath…and it is I… the “I AM”…who has given My breath to you as my only Beloved. My breath, the breath of your God… will never extinguish. Behold yourself and all of your loved ones, as Me…as the “I AM”…as the lone breath of the “I AM’…as the solitary spirit of the “I AM” who is personified as many.

 Take comfort in knowing all breath is created Divine and the breath that is Divine never experiences the end of itself… Divine breath is life never-ending…and your true self, the Beloved, is this eternal breath, this infinite life.

You are the same breath that is the breath in your loved ones…for your loved ones and all of humanity are really My spirit incarnate. You are all the one spirit of the “I AM” in many forms. You are all the same sacred breath and you can’t separate a breath… you can’t forever separate you from your true Divine self…who is really a piece of the “I AM”

“The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life” – Job

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