Get the Inside Scoop

crow,illustration,keys-d958f8db8b596d204151d423e2a8c1cf_hWhy Beloved-hood? So you can learn how to reconnect to your true, original, divine self. The Beloved self holds the key to it’s past (your true past as the Beloved), it’s present (your present as the Beloved), it’s future (your everlasting future lived as the Beloved) and it’s purpose (your purpose when living from the Beloved mind).

By learning how to reinstate the Beloved within you…you uncover your true self. Surrender the self you think you are and awaken to your real Beloved self. That new identity is the divine, singular, universal soul expressing and living as you.

Journey off the Beaten Path

2_thumbThe journey is the road to revelation. The revealing of your true self. All are the one Beloved being…the singular, universal, soul known by many names. The divine Beloved is you and therefore can never leave you…ever.

Many have already entered into Beloved-hood…Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, etc…pick one…that same universal, divine, soul that had physical life as them is who you are too. U2 r the same Beloved. Your true self, the one, beloved soul within, is and will experience life in all…as all…for all time.

Reclaim to Fame

images-1Let go of who you identify yourself as being. Become aware of who it is that really lives within you…the universal, divine, soul of the one called Beloved.

There is only one universal, divine soul…that one soul, of the beloved, is all that exists. All life is one mind and one spirit living in many. We have separated from or believed in the non-truth that we exist independently. The Beloved soul is the source of life in all…the Beloved’s life is all that lives.

The Beloved soul is living as us, within us. We are not us…we are the one divine Beloved. Become lost in the other within.