Well armed…in Belovedhood


I emerge from the barren desert…weakened but somehow stronger.

You, Beloved, reach for my hand…lending me your strength.

You pull me up and out of the desolate wilderness…back into the world.

I am relieved to finally see your face…

I am hungry and I am tired…I am thirsty, hot and weak.

But that is my body…for my soul has grown strong and more sure of it’s true self.

I was never alone in my solitude and darkness…you were always there as my companion… you, Beloved, are me…and I am you.

Your divine presence is always within and always around me.

I may not always know where I am going…but everywhere that I look… I see you, feel you, or know you have been there.

And for those times when you seem to be distant…I don’t fear abandonment…for I know you will soon return to my memory.

How did I exist before knowing your love?

761c91ee92bdcffca1471f4499927a80to be continued…..

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