I AM a fool for your LOVE…a spiritual journal excerpt


Journal Onea story of spiritual transformation

…as usual I tend to seek (the divine) while the world still sleeps…an inner seeking, an inner conversation…

…at first it seemed that I was being compressed by some kind of crushing weight…as if boulders upon boulders were pressing the body flat… dripping in a cold sweat…wondering how much heaviness can one bear? Certain that I was bound to sink down into the core of the Earth by this unseen, immense, excruciating and unexpected force…all I could do was keep praying….keep bearing…keep trusting…only by clinging to trust (in the divine) was I able to fight through my fear… even though every limb of my body was suddenly unable to move…

…mindset in reality… but also sensing on the verge of entering somewhere else.

After what seemed like an eternity…my toes felt a sudden release…a freedom… the weight began to lift… inch by inch… up the rest of my body… as if a sunrise was creeping slowly on the horizon.

…a brightness filled my body, a wonderful surrender. I felt as light as air, glowing like gold… illuminated like the sun.


A feeling of LOVE, like no other, inflamed my heart. My chest felt that it could no longer contain this LOVE…it had no choice but desire to burst open…like a trap door… unleashing a Divine Love that had all of this time been hiding within. In that overwhelming moment, a most powerful and blinding spiritual light seemed to pour forth.

 …the presence of God was in this LOVE…is this LOVE 

 As I floated in this other worldly kind of LOVE… I didn’t know if I would ever come back. I felt bright and beaming. Rising higher and higher into the unknown…I got the impression that I could very easily disappear, evaporate, vanish…and in that moment, I realized that my heart was no longer mine, for it never truly was…it was now melted and fused back into oneness…united forever with a being, a presence that is LOVE itself…a LOVE that is not humanly possible…a LOVE …indescribable, unimaginable…a LOVE that exists beyond one’s wildest dreams.

“…and on that day …so long ago…is the day that I came to truly know… the fiery LOVE that lives in EACH and EVERY soul”


(You are this LOVE! aka…the inner Divine Beloved…who is one and the same in all of our unique and individual names)

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