Child with a Dove by Pablo PicassoWhat Faith is not…it is not an invisible thing wished for…it is not something mysterious and out of our hands. Faith is an inexhaustible spiritual resource and your supply of faith is replenished daily, hourly and minute to minute.

Imagine you have a renewable treasure chest full of faith. Every second of everyday you can give a gift of faith from your unending supply. Every decision, every non-thought that you just take for granted (like having air to breath or knowing the sun will rise in the morning) is an opportunity for you to anoint someone or something with your gift of faith. Faith is not intangible.

Faith is a prizeyour prize ready to be given…a prize which all of creation desires… God, the Earth, nature, the passing of time, the moon and  the stars.

All await the honor and glory of your faith reward.

Faith is like a crown…made from the finest materials. This crown is decorated with the precious gems of trust, confidence, love, hope, loyalty, etc. Imagine this treasure chest of faith is yours to give away to whomever and whatever you choose.

It is up to you to choose who gets to wear the crown of your faith.

Today, ask yourself, where have I freely placed my crowns of faith? Have I given the honor wisely? For it is an honor. You unknowingly place you faith crown on everything you believe…good or bad. When you honor something with faith, that thing claims victory.

Do you place the crown of faith on life or death? Peace or war? Health or sickness? Place your faith crown daily on God and goodness and then they claim superiority over all the other things fighting for your recognition and glory. By placing your crown of faith on the head of God, you claim him the conquering hero, you place the honor and attention rightfully on his being…signifying your agreement with all that he represents. He is the last idol standing before you.

Give Love it’s reward, give Love it’s due praise. By giving the crown of your faith to God… he receives the glory. That is all we are asked to do…this is what will transform your world.

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