Life of the party…


“The names and faces of the physical self may be many… but the nameless and faceless Beloved sacred self…enclosed by all flesh… is One”

Our physical body is given life by the aliveness of the spiritual Divine essence that circulates within the confines of our being. The Divine breath, sent forth from God’s self into the first man, is the exact breath that lives and breathes in you and me. This godly crux is the internal life of the Beloved that is surrounded by the external you.

“The “seen” physical self comes to light by the power of the “unseen” spiritual radiance of God that is it’s source”


This heavenly and boundless breath, exalts and enlivens you into being, it is and always will be the One eternal life…it, the true you, can never expire and can never experience death. This blessed breath is the ageless, timeless and perpetual inhale and exhale of humanity.

“We are not brothers and sisters of the Beloved…we are the One Beloved”

– u2rbeloved



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