Open Invitation

images-4Know that the Divine Beloved longs to demonstrate the immense love he has for you. Understand that he wants you by his side…even closer than that if possible. So precious are you to the Holy Beloved that he doesn’t want you to feel at all distant from him…for really that is impossible because “you” are the one Beloved soul  and the one Beloved soul is “you”.

Recognize that your invitation is all that is needed for him to approach…then he will make known the realness and the closeness of his love. The love of the Divine Beloved is inseparable and indescribable…all who desire it have the ability to reach out and touch the Holy Beloved. This infinite love is waiting with outstretched arms… ready to embrace your heart…filling it with such love and fullness.

There is no need for you to ask how is this possible? Know that he knows and that is all that matters…

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